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Knight in Shining Armor

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By Doomsday-Dawn   |   
Mature  |  Published: April 28, 2006
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Part of the "Fallen Knight" series, before the encounter with the demon and the night elf.

Model: Joseph G.
Body Paints: Battledress [link]
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Tea1cup's avatar
beautiful! the effext with the bodypaint is stupendous
FrodoPrime's avatar
FrodoPrimeHobbyist Photographer
fantastic body painting - very realistic till you look at it for the second time - lovely presence of the model
Conundra's avatar
Lisa really is phenomenal.
She needs to upload stuff to her DA, by the way. It's just not right for such a fantastic artist to have an empty gallery.
bellezza-corrutta's avatar
Only one problem with the armor...the vital parts aren't very well protected...!!!
Suupashi's avatar
SuupashiHobbyist Digital Artist
Refinement, Dignity, and honor. He exudes these masterfully I must say. Your choice in models just seems to get better and better, although all of them fit their parts so well. I love the blade.. Did you supply that yourself?
godzillasmash's avatar
godzillasmashProfessional Digital Artist
wow, I thought it was body armor till I looked closer. awesome, trippy.
Doomsday-Dawn's avatar
A little real metal, the rest in paint. Fun.
spacedoutkat's avatar
spacedoutkat Photographer
Amazing "Armour"! Didn't even realise at first.
dashinvaine's avatar
Better to call it The Chainmale Member'. Just see this as silly. Cam imagine the scene in Camelot. 'Sorry, Sir Tardius, too late, Sir Smugmug had the last suit of armour... you can go and see the art department, though, see if the great Wizzard Paintaprick can do anything for you.'
Doomsday-Dawn's avatar
Hmmmmmm, strikes the old RPG gamer in me, with thoughts of magical paint and protection spells. . .
AIDeton's avatar
AIDetonHobbyist Photographer
Excellent body painting job!
took me a while to notice that it was painted ^^
thought it was some sort of shirt he wore :-)
Doomsday-Dawn's avatar
Painter would get a kick out of hearing that!
Daeth9451's avatar
fantastic paint work, especially with the shading. it looks better than real armor, and the only way you know he's naked is the penis. very, very nice.
Doomsday-Dawn's avatar
Heh heh, it just wouldn't be the same without the penis.
No-uturns's avatar
The model that you chose was perfect. Very knight like indeed. The painter definetely gets my props, I had to look twice for a better look. I tip my hat to the both of you.
Doomsday-Dawn's avatar
It was a project the painter wanted to do for years, but didn't want some 18 year old, chip-n-dale looking fitness model. There had to be some age, maturity, and refinement to the character. Presence. Joseph, a semi-retired PROFESSIONAL model was perfect. Great dude, too. English, accent and all. Perfect for the part!
No-uturns's avatar
I would really love to see this model in some more shots. You definetely got the refinement with this guy. :thumbsup:...I need to fav this
xBurningEmbersx's avatar
xBurningEmbersx Photographer
Crazy Looking, Awesome work.
apixiechick's avatar
apixiechick Photographer
great detail
Echoes-of-the-Dead's avatar
hats off to the painter, and the model!
LaPurr's avatar
Wow! Very cool paint job! Great model, too...perfect for the subject matter. Well done.
drackar's avatar
drackarHobbyist Photographer
That, is one hell of a paintjob.
anonymous's avatar
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