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Like a modern day Paganini, Perish performs his serenade of metal and flame to Katya's statuesque beauty. To see it live, in person is something no words can describe. The sound is deafening. An assault on the senses. Something a single image can never capture.

Single exposure, 100% through the lens
Post Production: A small pad under the left knee was removed in post, otherwise unmodified.

Model: Perish
Model: Katya [link]
Wardrobe: Vile Sindustry
Location: D.M. Gremlin Studios
Special thanks to ^wynnesome for taking part in yet another chapter of flame. And yes, I promise NOT to burn down your studio. . .

Disclaimer: Okay, you all should know this by now. Seriously, don't try this at home. Or anywhere else.
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