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The ultimate delivery

This one shot is gonna be another little out of nowhere thing this time with the ultimate delivery man who never misses a delivery and has tons of equipment to get the job done.

George will arrive at the moment junko announces and implements the first motive

The world has gone to hell ever since Junko enoshima sent society into collapse

And ever since then communication and resource transport has become a dangerous and arduous task until the group known as the red hawks a band of couriers led by ultimate delivery man George Dickson who decided to take no sides in this war of ideals and delivers to all who can provide the proper trade and this is the story of his delivery to hopes peak academy ordeal of getting there and inside.

Our story begins in the wasteland outpost of the red hawks where we can many couriers run back and forth gathering supplies and item to deliver to their customers.

Up above we can George going over massive piles of orders for items and resources

Before he comes across a very old order for one Junko Enoshima now let it be known George finds dealing with any of the main despair factions to be a hassle as they all try to convert him ..... he still has bruises on his wrist and ankles from where Mikan Tsumiki tied him up after he delivered her a new crate of bandages and he can only imagine how annoying the OG despair must be but he"ll be damned if that makes him ruin his perfect record.

As George reads over the order he see's that it was made to his old company before the tragedy and the order was for one back support pillow so he looks through the inventory sheet to see if they still have one and sure enough they have a couple left.

George sighs " well I guess i have deliver a pillow to the one who started this whole mess"

So George headed down to the equipment vault to stock for the trip he grabs some EMP grenades a new device for shutting off equipment and most tech when delivering to highly fortified areas a heat lance a power blow torch that can cut through almost all metals a gas mask and the uniform of the wasteland deliver service a brown cloak that covers most of the body and has a hood to protect the face.

After gathering all the equipment he will need for the job ahead George grabs the pillow and turns on the intercom for the base " announcement to all personal in the base i am embarking on what may be one of the most dangerous deliveries i have undertaken i will be making a delivery to the queen of despair herself so if i am not back in 2 months you are to vote in a new leader from the top couriers".

Upon making his announcement George started to make the mental preparations to journey out in the absolute hellscape that the world had become as soon as he was sure he was mentally prepared he donned his has make tied on his cloak and stepped towards the sealed door that led to the outside world to make what may be the hardest delivery he may ever make.

Upon opening the door to the outside world George is greeted to an all to familiar site of a burning red sky and horizon filled with ruined buildings and he feels the wind ripping through wasteland like a hurricane.

George proceeds to board an ATV and sets off on the long and arduous journey to the place where all this started Hopes Peak Academy a place that once offered those with immense talent a place to turn them into a life long career but has now turned into a focal point of despair and insanity.

Throughout his ride across the a ruined Japan George marvels at the destruction that has been caused by a group of teenagers and their ringer leader queen George comes to a stop outside and old run down convenience store to search for rations he found some old chips and Twinkies.

So George set off again to reach hopes peak it took 3 days and nights to reach the school turned fortress upon reach a certain distance the turrets on the school started to open fire seeing this George swerved to get some cover he sped over behind a support column for the giant gates of the school he parked his ATV behind it upon making sure his vehicle was out of firing distance he slowly but surely make his way to a good throwing distance and as soon as he made it he tossed one of his EMP grenades causing the turrets to shutdown.

Upon reaching the entrance he moved over to one of the windows with the thinnest metal plating and took out his heat lance.

————————————————POV CHANGE Junko————————————-

It had been a boring week for Junko sitting up all alone in her little room isolated from the rest of the school she thought that introducing the secrets motive might liven things up in complete bore of a school but no one had made an attempt to kill anyone.

In her boredom she started to look over the monitors showing her the school and the outside of the school upon looking at the front gate she saw something that caught her interest in the horizon she saw a trail of dust being kicked up by what could only be a vehicle "finally something to liven up this borefest" said Junko excitedly at the thought of something entertaining her while she waited for her classmate to fall into the sweet embrace of despair.

Junko turned to put her full attention on the front gate monitor as she got ready for her evening entertainment and so she waited for about 20 mins in glee to see who might come into her parlor* as she waited she saw what looked to be a man in a brown cloak and a gas mask riding an ATV coming straight towards the front gate.

When he finally reached firing range she turned on the turrets and let loose a hail of molten lead the unknown driver swerved behind one of the thick pillars that held of the once great gates of the school she now held with and iron grip Junko grew disappointed at the lack of effort awww all that build up for nothing Gah what a fucking tease said Junko.

But suddenly out of nowhere a metal sphere the size of a baseball flew toward the turrets and by virtue of that the camera and for a split second she saw the metal orb glow blue before everything at the front gate go dark and turn dark The fuck exclaimed Junko in a rage as her view of the outside world went away.

But soon Junko calmed down seeing that she might actually get to "entertain a visitor" knowing she could not do this without compromising the killing game she hit a button on her console that release a sleeping gas throughout the school to knock out her unwilling participants and have the monokuma's drag them to their rooms but in a spontaneous bout of mischief she mad the monokumas carry Makoto and Sayaka into Makotos room and as an added bonus she stripped them down their underwear for fun reaction to see after dealing with her little problem.

———————————————-POV CHANGE George—————————————

It took George about 3 hours to finally get through the thick metal plating on the windows upon finally getting trough he found the are he had entered was the gym and saw the the person he had come all this way to deliver a pillow to and he had to admit she was quite the looker long strawberry blonde hair tied into two pig tails leg a body that had curves normal women would kill for and a chest that seem to have come straight from the cover of a risqué magazine but the insanity and all around craziness made George think twice before fantasizing about her.

But before George could take 2 steps forward the insane bombshell of a woman started to speak AHAHAHAHAHAHHHA a crown seemed to pop onto her head from out of nowhere. I must say i am impressed peasant you are the first person to make it past the front gate of the school so tell me who sent you was it those stick in the mud and stick up their asses people at the future foundation no they don;t have the balls to pull something like this off wait was it the resistance that keeps fight in pockets around japan wait no they don't have the equipment to pull this off ooooo ooooo i know you are from that one orphanage i blew up for shits and giggles.

George let the insane blond go through her rambling as he really needed to take a breather though he did have to agree that the future foundation really needed to get their heads out from their collective asses and do something for humanity after letting Junko finish her many guesses at to he was and where he came from he finally spoke up look lady i just came here to deliver a package said George.

Junko looked deflated at this and said Really damn it and i got all hyped up for something exciting and fun and you have to go and burst my bubble but wait Really you came her the most fortified place across numerous terrains that could be described as something as out of nightmares just to deliver a package i don't know weather to be impressed at your perseverance or bummed out that you have nothing better to do in this world then to deliver a package here so who's it for.

George reached into his bag and pulled out a long package and handed it to Junko it is for you said George and pulled out a clipboard now if you would please sign here

Junko took the clipboard and signed in an overly extravagant manner and handed it back to George we at the red hawks courier group would like to thank you for choosing are services and hope you will choose us the next time you are in need of good spoke George in a practiced manner.

Junko took out a switch blade and cut open the box and saw her back support pillow bitchen i was waiting for this before this whole mess got started but i got bored and didn't want to wait so i kicked it off before the damn thing arrived exclaimed Junko.

George started walking away before Junko called out wait aren't you gonna try to pull off some great rescue of the OH so important ultimate George turned around and said look lady i don't care how you get your sick kicks i just wanna do my job and he turned back around to make the long trip back to base and hopefully get a good nights sleep and relax after all this mess.


We find ourselves now in the room of one Makoto Naegi who has just woken up with his head on what must have been the softest pillows he had ever rested his head on feeling particularly lazy he snuggle deeper into the pillows when he heard a moan coming from his pillows !!! Wait pillows don't moan Naegi bolted up like he was struck by lightning when he turned to see what made the noise that woke him up.

Upon looking to other side of the bed he saw a scantily clad Sayaka in nothing but her underwear laying next to him upon seeing this sight he promptly passes out from a nosebleed but just as is passing out he swears he could hear what could only be described as deranged cackling as fell into blissful unconsciousness.
clay monokuma
i found some old red clay in my art supplies and made a little monokuma head 


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