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Kitsune Resurgence (GT RP)
Inspired by:
(Note: they don't do switches or any growth, though they may be willing to have both play a Kitsune, though I'm not 100% sure)
Many years ago, Kitsune basicly ran the world, wielding god-like power. However, the humans managed to wield a Magic even more power, striping much of the Kitsune magic and reducing them to tiny forms, often sold as pets.
In present day, for one reason or another a (or 2) Kitsune were born without this limit, and as such, when the time comes, grow huge and gain powers that made the old kitsune's power look miniscule.
I will play one of these Kitsune, you can play a human/anthro, a Kitsune who doesn't grow, or a second growing Kitsune.
Regular rules apply.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 6 141
Ranma 1/2 Story RP
So, I've recently started watching Ranma 1/2, and there are some scenarios and characters I wanna try:
First, the characters:
Rika Saotome
AU Ranma who prefers girl form
Differences: Fear of cats a bit weaker, only unnerved by 1 Cat, any more and all bets are off, though. No Dragon Whisker, she skipped the Amazon village, Genma still hates her being a her, and her Ryoga fell in the same spring as her, but views it more like cannon Ranma.
Adam "Aki" Kitsaka
Male (but cursed)
Curse: Spring of Drowned Fox/Girl (girl and pet fox) magic intermixed, so whoever falls in becomes a Fox-Girl, or Kitsune (fox-neko)
While physicly Male, how Aki is is closest to Genderfluid, though it's more, if he likes it, he doesn't care what anyone says, especially about gender roles)
Orphan, parents died at a young age, sister raised him, but was murdered. Nowhere left to go, as the school kicked him, he wanders, if he finds Ranma, he intends to tell him about Ryoga.
Aki focuses on speed, improvonisational
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 1 5
Emma Agreste as Cat Noir by doomedfateaxion Emma Agreste as Cat Noir :icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 2 0 Emma Agreste Civilian Form by doomedfateaxion Emma Agreste Civilian Form :icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 1 0
Blue Horrizon- verse RP
Basicly, I absolutely love this online story series, Blue Horrizon, that's also been put in book form. So, I REALLY wanna do an RP in this world. If you haven't read it, I'll try to fill you in as needed.
Also, if you have Google Hangouts, ID prefer it there for ease.
The story is Riun Maccun, a Hestrian Fennic Fox
(Hestrian is a high-grav planet, sister planet to Alexandrius and Fun, and has but one ocean, which forms a strip at the equator. Due to the grav, Hestrian are, on average, faster, stronger, and more durable than their off-world counterparts. If others tried to go to Hestra with no exosuit, they'd colapse and struggle to breath)
And Smitty Jones (Dr. Smitty), a Kantan Human born on Denier, who are typicly smugglers and the type who do the "ugly" jobs (even though I'm inexperienced with the show, think a Firefly type) have crashed, and are gathering a crew for once they get going again.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 0 0
Growing Dragon RP
Pretty self-explanitory:
I'm a Dragon
You can be one too, or not, or even tf into one
Dragons grow by different triggers in this world
I/we end up the biggest dragon(s)
Anything so long as I approve
Same as always
I can do 1 per person on Google Hangouts, I'm faster, and have direct buzzes there.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 1 857
Zootopia OC Sandbox
In this, I'll play one of my Zootopia OC's in an out-of-universe/ a little ooc, scenario, where whatever can happen (mostly)
All my usual rules apply.
Kyle Volp, Male Canadian Marble Fox.
A calm person who isn't Phased by much, and tries to be kind to everyone and give the benefit of the doubt.
Marcy Ups, Female Rabbit.
Reporter, peppy and smart, wears "non-tinted sunglasses" (with a smart glasses overla
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 0 0
Zootopia ship rp
Less story based. As the name implies, I ship Nick and Judy (first ship ever, tbh)
We will play them (I'd prefer to be Nick.) And stuff will happen
1: nothing dirty. Think Disney.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 2 29
Zootopia Story RP
So, I saw Zootopia and loved it. I've already started to think of a fan story that is kinda a sequel, in the vein of taking place afterwards. Anyways, I wanna get into the flow of these characters before I start going fully at it.
(Not really in scenario, but in RP, the movies events will be discussed)
The city's police force has gone missing, along with any replacements. As a result, Cheif Bogo goes underground and rallies citizens into a group to help alleviate some of the crime. The characters in my group are its Covert group ("The others make headlines, like "Good Samatarian Stops Mugging" we stop them.") And you end up with them after they undergo an op to either rescue you, or whatnot.
Kyle Volp
Canadian Marble Fox
Leader of the squad, Kyle is kind to those he knows, but quiet and cold to others.
Marcy Ups
Newest, just rescued from a kidnapping, she was a reporter, but now works with the others to solve the mystery of what h
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 2 20
Crushing Hard RP
For this one, its one scenario. Size change is optional, its more a cute RP.
My character has a crush on yours, and has invited yours over.
Simple as that.
I'm gonna aim to be a Chakat in this, unless you want another species.
1: Any size Manipulation will be slight/slow
2: No weight gain, bodilly functions, vore, or death
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 0 225
Bigger and Better GT/S RP
In this we will play a couple, mostly GF/BF or whatever mix. Everyone in the world starts growing from some trigger, but we grow from two. Growth isn't only height.
Over Time
1: We'll stay roughly the same size
2: No Vore of each other, Weight Gain, Either of us dying, Bodilly Functions
3: The world generally grows with people.
4: 18+ is allowed, but on hangouts.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 1 112
Sports Growth/Shrink RP
You and someone you know, be it your friend, or boy/girlfriend, of the same rough age, gets roped into a sports game or similar event, however, the rules are a Little... Bigger.
Scoring causes growth for someone
Scoring causes shrinking for someone
Playing causes size changes based on effort
Cheating/Fouls also size change
Anything else you want!
(Growth doesn't nessesarilly have to be height.)
1: I will not do ridiculous size changes
2:All size changes are tied to a sport of some kind
3: I prefer Male Anthros for me to play. Less a rule as a warning.
4: No Death, Vore, Weight Gain, Boddilly Functions
5: 18+ in notes only. I reserve the right to request it slowed down, toned down, or bump out to non 18+, or even say no to 18+ side.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 0 52
Pokemon Growth RP
In this RP, well be in the pokemon world
1: Pokemon Grow when they Level Up
2: Pokemon Grow over time
3: Pokemon Grow on a win and Shrink on a loss
4: Pokemon can drain size (some, at least)
5: Trainers can change Pokemon size
6: Pokemon can Sizeshift
7: Trainers Grow/Shrink based on battles
8: Add your own here
1: No Ridiculous Size differences
2: No: Weight gain, bodilly functions, vore
3: 18+ Tentatively allowed via notes. Comment with details. I reserve ability to request a tone or slow down.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 6 1,184
Feeling Taller GT/S RP
Our character, for any reason, grow when they feel tall. This can cause an expounding effect.
A: Everyone's Like this
B: We've always been like this, but being short kept it from happening
C: Something Happens
1: Optionally, people can shrink from feeling short as well.
1: No massive size differences between our characters
2: No Weight Gain, Death, Boddily Functions, Vore
3: 18+ allowed in notes, just tell me. I reserve the right to request it be toned/slowed down
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 1 454
Couples GT/S RP
Pretty simple: we play a couple, and there is size changing fun. In normal fassion:
A: Custom
1: I don't do rediculos size differences without at least an equalizer, be in ability to return to normal or even VR
2: All grouping is allowed, but some is limited, as I'll restrict the number of M/M and F/F due to inexperience and not fully comfy yet.
3: 18+ is allowed in notes.
4: If youre interested in a type of thing, like muscles or paws, let me know and I'll see if it's OK.
I do not do: Weight Gain, Death, Bodilly Functions.
5: Mostly, I'll be an anthro barring M/F where I'm the guy, you may get me to be human.
6: We will stay roughly balanced on size unless you want to do something else.
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 0 4
Paws/Feet and Growth rp
Someone is really tall, with nice, big paws. Who is it, and other details?
1: Tentative on 18+, leaning no here, if you want it, pitch your idea.
2: I will grow, and most likely you will too
3: all my paws/feet are clean
:icondoomedfateaxion:doomedfateaxion 0 280


[Comm] Sega and Angel Grooow by angelgts [Comm] Sega and Angel Grooow :iconangelgts:angelgts 345 20 Bad growth, this is my house!! by SnippyTheDeliveryFox
Mature content
Bad growth, this is my house!! :iconsnippythedeliveryfox:SnippyTheDeliveryFox 80 16
Lucario Growth Thingy by MacroBlazikenSilver Lucario Growth Thingy :iconmacroblazikensilver:MacroBlazikenSilver 33 58 Good Fox by eeekay Good Fox :iconeeekay:eeekay 17 0 FMG Adventure v2.1 - Height Update! (Hotfix 3) by MagnusMagneto FMG Adventure v2.1 - Height Update! (Hotfix 3) :iconmagnusmagneto:MagnusMagneto 162 73 -Insert Lame Birthday Suit Joke Here- by Tangent-Valley -Insert Lame Birthday Suit Joke Here- :icontangent-valley:Tangent-Valley 127 24
Phoenix Wright...IN FURRY!? WTF
i want to get this mod if there are any :P
if anyone can translate what they are saying i will be deeply appreciated :3
start here (there are 9 part in total)
:icondragoon86:dragoon86 4 24
shrink-pong by Borr1s shrink-pong :iconborr1s:Borr1s 4 5 Jakkar Growing Up by KaceyM Jakkar Growing Up :iconkaceym:KaceyM 296 64 WHoops Sorry by Atimist WHoops Sorry :iconatimist:Atimist 74 35 Is That a Tail??? by Fox0808 Is That a Tail??? :iconfox0808:Fox0808 166 19 Dress Code Rebel by Kieth-Wolfe Dress Code Rebel :iconkieth-wolfe:Kieth-Wolfe 4 10 -- Gundam Meister -- by Pokelai -- Gundam Meister -- :iconpokelai:Pokelai 94 20 Kingdom Hearts Anthros: Axel Roxas Sora Riku by Cathey18 Kingdom Hearts Anthros: Axel Roxas Sora Riku :iconcathey18:Cathey18 28 10 Anime Character Maker 2.2 by xdanond Anime Character Maker 2.2 :iconxdanond:xdanond 8,353 2,155


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Im really in the dumps atm, so hope to get some people

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