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Paint Tool SAI Swatch Template

I wasn't exactly sure what to categorize this in, but here is a resource for people who use Paint Tool SAI:

This is a colors template with the same number of spaces as SAI's built-in color swatch palette.

Fill colors onto the grid by choosing a brush of approximately the right size, and quickly scratching the color onto the grid either by tablet or mouse by aiming for the crosshair in the middle of each circle.

I'll post my regular sketching palette as well for both example and future reference for myself.


I hope someone finds this useful ^^
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Do you know how to get more spaces/slots in SAI's color swatch palette?
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If there is a way, I haven't heard of it.
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If you do hear about it, please contact me, but thanks anyways
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Thank you so much for sharing this, I been having trouble fixing my color palettes and this was a life saver for me. ;u;
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Sure thing! I'm glad it could help! ^_^

It sure seems odd that SAI doesn't have a way to import or export swatches ^^;
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Yes, it's very strange, I hate how outdated SAI is. Even free programs like Medibang paint pro has a LOT more than SAI does... I still use SAI cause it's really easy to ink and paint with, but it's very limited, and I wish the brushes had more options. I heard that we will get a text tool, but who knows how long that will be. The beta version makes SAI looks promising, though. x) 
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Aah, what's Medibang? I've not heard of it.

I think at this point I mostly use SAI because I'm so used to  its handling of sketching.
I've been wanting to try other art programs or get back into Photoshop again because I've greatly enjoyed making patterns in it in years past, but I remember switching to SAI years ago because it just felt so much better with my tablet at the time. (Which is weird, because supposedly Wacom tablets are DESIGNED to be used with Photoshop >_>; )

What kind of brush options do you wish SAI had?

I keep waiting for new version of SAI2 to come out, because I just swear they're getting SO CLOSE to having all of the features I use normally ^^
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Here is the official site It's actually pretty popular, but not as popular as SAI yet. It is really good for anime art and painting. So it's a free drawing program and it has everything you need. It even has free unlimited storage if you saved it to cloud, but you got to have an account for that first. x3 So it's pretty cool and I quite like it, maybe someday I can make it my main program, but for now I'm still using SAI. A lot of manga artists seem to use medibang though since it has fonts and nice inking tools. It's pretty nice for something that doesn't even cost anything.

Yeah, that's understandable. I can't get out of SAI either. It's really nice for sketching and inking. And I use my own custom brushes, it's really easy for me to make brushes for this program. I can paint in other programs since it has better opacity. I have photoshop CS2 anyway, but I could never get used to using it. It just didn't feel natural. I just wished SAI's brush options were a lot more natural that's all I was saying. It makes these weird looking squares when you try to paint with certain brushes. I just don't like that look, maybe some people do. And the main reason why I don't like using photoshop that much even though I also use a tablet from Wacom is because photoshop is a bit complicated and not very user friendly. Oddly enough, I do use photoshop to make SAI brushes. :3

Me too, I need those features. xD
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not enough ways to say "I love you" for this.  Ran into it after scratching m y head and fueling a personal rage-train at not being able to slide swatches from desktop to tablet without making/cropping/copy/pasting  screenies of original swatches from other art programs.   So this?  This is a yes.  All a yes there is.  Thank you.  One massive Mega-Swatch card and so simple but so handy!
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<.< should clarify the lack of means to transfer swatches in PTSai is a right proper pain.
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Thank you very much for posting it~ >w<
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Oh my, it's very useful, thanks to posted it! :+favlove:
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doesn't sai have the function to load color template?
Nice thx for sharing
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Not that I'm aware of, but if there is, I'd love to know how to use it!
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ahhh I have to redo my color swatch =( but thx for response^^
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Wow, thank you SO much :heart:
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Umm.. How do you put colors inside the Swatches? Do anyone know? Please tell me. Thanks. :D
Doom-san's avatar
in the template or the program itself? ^^
TheShortySwag's avatar

But I kinda figured it out. Anyways, thanks. :D
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This looks useful, especially since the swatches tool on SAI seems to hate me :P
Thanks for making it! :)
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Ooh this looks really useful! Do you mind if I use this? I tend to use a lot of the same colors for my OC's so it gets annoying to have to use the little swatch in the program since there are a lot of colors I use. XD And most of the spaces are filled up already!
Doom-san's avatar
Go ahead, that's what it's there for hehe

Basically though I intended this to be a place where you could copy templates from your SAI swatches area and manually copy in or out different swatches in lieu of saving/loading swatch files like how Photoshop does it.
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