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"Rip and tear, until it is done."

Other characters lore: I lost all my family and friends, but I will avenge them defeating this villain

Doomguy: You kill my rabbit, I destroy your dimension

Who's ready to celebrate the 30th anniversary?
Cacodemon Bday by MrCarterM
It’s crazy to thing that doom got started just bc some guy got punched and then a rabbit dyed
Hey Guys, I’m new here. Super psyched to get to know everyone and share my art!

0a4e07d3-1d03-4e4f-a8ca-921a90c65c51 by PixelCrunchX  
ZX Spectrum DOOM Mock-up. 256x192, 15 Colors
Daisy: Hurt them, Daddy. Rip and tear!