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MAP59: Club Doom

Doom is a first-person shooter, reigning the genre in 1993 and 1994. It revolutionised shooters as we know them today, and added some key features - switches, keys, puzzling maps, painful floors and none other than mindless killing - to give us an amazing game that's still popular today.

If you don't own a copy of Doom, you can download the shareware copy here.

When you're ready for the real deal, you can grab Doom and Doom II from GOG.com or Steam.

Alternatively, you can hunt down the Doom Collector's Edition if you're after a physical copy. (If you're in the US, try this link.)

Running Doom on modern systems

Doom was made quite a long time ago, so it's no wonder it's a bit janky on today's systems. However, the modding community has your back with numerous source ports that make it work on your modern rig. Simply download one of the following source ports, drop DOOM.WAD, DOOM2.WAD and any others into the same folder, and shoot some freakin' demons.

Doom Retro - this is Doom as it was meant to be played, offering some small enhancements on the base game while still retaining the classic gameplay we know and love.

ZDoom - an awesome source port for every classic Doom running, plus support for Heretic, Hexen, Strife and other titles on the same engine. Plus, this has an immense amount of new features on top of the classic Doom gameplay.

GZDoom - an OpenGL-enhanced version of ZDoom. Requires a much beefier machine to run - but it's definitely worth it!

Doomsday - an advanced source port which supports 3-D models, if that's your thing.

Multiplayer Source Ports

Zandronum - The finest way to play Doom in multiplayer. Forked from Skulltag, meaning it has a plethora of gametypes as well as many features from ZDoom.

Odamex - Another good multiplayer sourceport, Odamex focuses more on retaining classic gameplay with new ZDoom features.

Editing Tools

Slade3 - A mashup of lump editor and map editor which is still in-development, but supports ZDoom's advanced map format, UDMF.

Doom Builder - An extremely user-friendly map editor which supports a wide range of map formats, including the ZDoom-specific UDMF format, allowing for a lot of flexibility when modding.

eXtendable WAD editor - Not being updated any more, but even so, very easy to use and helps with replacing graphics in your PWADs, and even IWADs. Keep a backup copy, though. Can also edit various games other than Doom.

List of editing tools - There are many more editing tools available for Doom and other id Tech 1 games; this entry on the ZDoom wiki has a good, long list of 'em.

Other things

Freedoom - this is meant to make the Doom engine free to the masses, for the purpose of playing mods. This isn't the full game; it is the engine without Doom's original assets. This makes for a free WAD file that is compatible with all mods for Doom and Doom II.

/idgames/ - the central location for all major (and minor!) Doom community content. Proceed with caution.

Please notify me of any additional links you want to see on this list!

Submitting Artwork

Upload your art or submit it to our group in the correct folder. Please make sure to do this or your submission will be rejected.
All art is appreciated as long as it's to do with Doom or any related game!
Oh, and nothing too...questionable, let's say.

Submitting WADs

Basically, upload a deviation and put it in the Club's gallery - provide a couple of screenshots, perhaps an overview of the maps. Remember to upload it into the WADs folder.
Include a download link and say what tools you used! It would be nice to see what you used to make your WAD.
Also, you'll need to tell us which game it's for - Doom, Hexen, Strife, etc...

Submitting Resources

Anything that you've created for games and would like to share is greatly appreciated!
Upload a deviation showcasing your resource and make sure you submit it to the WADs folder! Also, tell us what your license is - we wouldn't want to sell your work without first getting permission or anything like that.
We accept every kind of resource - just as long as it's original. No sprite rips or anything like that, please - this is an art website, after all.

So there you have it. Thanks for visiting!
- Phlum


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Listen up folks, human-groveback has a concept for a mod and is looking for people to help work on it. In his own words:

The idea behind this particular custom HUD is to emulate zDoom's alternative HUD while fixing some of the problems with that mode. Things like the player face & health status remove that mode's limitations compared to the default. Additionally, you now have a "hudcf.txt" to configure weapon clip displays & ammo icons.

A mockup is available here:
Zdoom Althud Revamp by human-groveback

If this sounds like something that would interest you, leave a comment here or send a note off to human-groveback!
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