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CelesteTM at Aquatic Ruin Zone [16] by DooksterMkii CelesteTM at Aquatic Ruin Zone [16] :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 3 0 CelesteTM [9]+BanglesTR [8] duo by DooksterMkii CelesteTM [9]+BanglesTR [8] duo :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 2 0 Rownan + Ryker on bass [TOTP duo] by DooksterMkii Rownan + Ryker on bass [TOTP duo] :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 1 0
Tall Tales
Tall Tales-
by DooksterMkii
Upon a time, in a far away land,
A great many lovers, held hand in hand,
Seized upon by a light,
To seek & search through a burrow,
    to dispatch this everlasting night
Now tell me, bouys und gulls,
Where haveth you been?
Seeking your own temptations and dreams,
Is it light, that guides you, to the plympths
    of laughter from screams?
When contempt be present, to thee of such discourse
Feeling nil resent, nil of remorse,
Set your eyes, on a far greater trail,
You life in your hands, be stead & set sail,
    to afar....
Heed these words, a message to betroth,
a visage of a man, who salvaged a mind aloss,
Be thee mindful, of those who claim,
to a minor few, whose hearth became,
The blackest of dreams and fame
Maybe an exaggeration, you must listen hard,
truths come thick n' thin,
One can look, but nath touch the tears of those,
who've turned crook,
For in times of yor, whence demons and pawns,
:icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 0 0
CelesteTM [Boomdress] by DooksterMkii CelesteTM [Boomdress] :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 4 6 Team Dark trio [LD] by DooksterMkii Team Dark trio [LD] :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 4 0 Coco half-nude by DooksterMkii
Mature content
Coco half-nude :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 6 3
CelesteTM+summerdress by DooksterMkii CelesteTM+summerdress :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 4 1 ZonicTZC+PCRoystonduo by DooksterMkii ZonicTZC+PCRoystonduo :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 2 1 Melody twerking by DooksterMkii
Mature content
Melody twerking :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 3 3
The Zooms- It's My Night-TOTPpic2 by DooksterMkii The Zooms- It's My Night-TOTPpic2 :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 2 0
It's My Night
The Zooms
It's My Night
by DooksterMkii
Got my shirt, suit, shoes & tie,
heading on out, don't need to ask why,
She'll be coming over soon,
I'll pick her up & then we'll make our move,
Haven't been this good in such a long while,
I'm taking her out for the time of our lives
The world's for my taking, and I'm ready to go,
If there's only 1 thing I gotta know
It's my night for getting lucky,
Everything's going our way
The dancing, the swaying, the loving,
It's getting better everyday,
It's my night for getting on down,
with my girl, out on the town
It's my night, and hers too
What she wants, I'm gonna give her,
that little bit extra more,
Once I've started, there'll be no stopping,
That's 1 thing that I'm sure,
It's that time, to kick it up a beat,
Through these lights and this summer heat,
I'm feeling cool, calm, and in control,
Me & her are ready to roll
I'm gonna make this an evening to remember,
that's what i'll do
For the rest of this night, just me & you
The world's for my
:icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 0 0
CelesteTM+white wine+strawbz by DooksterMkii CelesteTM+white wine+strawbz :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 1 3 KnoxtheOxonbass by DooksterMkii KnoxtheOxonbass :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 2 3 TangleTL2019 by DooksterMkii TangleTL2019 :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 26 5 TOTPintrocaption-Rownan [Lynchenberg] by DooksterMkii TOTPintrocaption-Rownan [Lynchenberg] :icondookstermkii:DooksterMkii 0 0


1a- to restart my gallery & operations under a new remit & re-branding of my online identity. Also to continue to take risks + explore new territory whilst

expanding upon my previous output & diversify the content I provide not only for myself, but for members of the Official Dookster Fan Club + clients upon request [where stated].

1b- to re-induct myself hopefully within the circles I have been known to over 10+ years in a more positive & accessible manner.

1c- to undergo a major overhaul of previous submissions, with new moral objectives & delivering better content for all platforms, both clean & NSFW 18+ [where stated] as according to my new remit.

2a- to apologise + exonerate myself for past behaviours to those upset by any un-necessary discrepancies, be it online or offline.

2b- to hopefully, redeem & improve previous relations with myself + those concerned within the same circles on sane standing.

2c- to ignore & report any negativity & misconduct on all platforms towards myself, fans & peers where appropriate action + logic dictates.

3- to deliver to members of the Official Dookster Fan Club a new & improved services & to deligate such responsibilities accordingly during requests/commissions etc with clients upon request.

4a- to better time-manage delivering requests/commissions etc to clients on a more professional + immediate basis according to my new remit

4b- to condense & better manage submissions, blogs & favourite submissions etc in a clearer manner

5a- to be more socially responsible within my circles & promote the ideals of my content. Also to promote friendship & politeness in a more constructive way towards fans, peers & new guests to my platforms.

5b- to allow constructive critique on submissions where I'd require further assessment & allow fans & peers to provide extensive analysis + input into updating past which i'd consider revisiting & delivering future submissions to a more consistant standard.


DooksterMkii's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Recovering Aspie brony/illustrator/designer/trainee musician+songwriter based in UK.

Restarting on DA + various galleries + developing new output after an extensive overhaul of previous artworks.
*may contain NSFW images not suitable for -18's*

Please enjoy my works with care. Do stay tuned, more art + new projects coming soon.

Fav chars-
STH- Sonic, ShadowTH, Tails [Miles Prower], Sticks the Jungle Badger, Tangle the Lemur, Infinite the Jackal, Whisper the Wolf, Sally, Nicole the Lynx, Shard the Metal Hedgehog, Mina Mongoose/Prower, Melody Prower, Skye Prower, Clove the Pronghorn, SilverTH, BlazeTC, Zonic the Zone Cop, ZespioTZC, ZilverTZC & ZectorZTC.
MLP-FIM- Twilight Sparkle, FlutterShy, Sweetie Belle, AppleJack, Big Macintosh, Discord, Spike the Dragon, Queen Chrysalis, Tempest Shadow, MoonDancer, Sunset Shimmer, Princess Cadance, Shining Armour, Flash Sentry, Rarity, Scootaloo & AppleBloom.
TT- Starfire, Robin, Terra, BB, Cyborg, Raven, Jinx, Argent, AquaLad, Brother Blood & BumbleBee.
UnderTale- Prince Asriel, Muffet, Toriel, Alphys, Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Ralsei, Susie & King Asgore
My own fav OC's- Dookster [pony-sona], BuzzCut [new pony OC], Royston the Lion, Daniel the Spaniel, Jared the Red Phoenix, Zodiac [animu OC], Percy Porcupine, Craig the Coyote, Hero the Lynx/Cougar [crossbreed/hybrid OC].
Fav OC's I like- Tytus the Spider [NextGenProject], Timber the Stallion [formerly Savagebinn], Euan the Wolverine [KahunaLilly], Angelia the Jaguar & Kaleo the Snow Leopard [BF7], Tempest the Unicorn, Celeste the Albino Mink, Estelle the Mink [Anti-Celeste], Bangles the Raccoon, Rosalyne the Skunk, Miriam "Sugar" the Squirrel [KTT/Turtie-Droppings], Glacia the Penguin [TogeKisser], Trent Frost & Heartless [JoyKill], Anippe [MaddieBat], Rownan & Ryker [Lynchenberg/PrincessBimbo] + Camin [JessFox].



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