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I haven't really been keeping people here up to date with what I've been doing, so just you guys know:

Since making full length episodes of Team Teen are logistically implausible, I'm making trailers to "episodes" instead, in a new series, "Last Time, on Team Teen: Cartoon Heroes Unite". Through it you'll see all the crazy adventues of Kim Possible's team of young heroes that lend a helping hand, and fighting off an evil force that threatens the entire multiverse.

The first episode is out now. Here's a trailer for the next one.

:iconthechossen1: has been working on a fanfic of Team Teen for quite a while, and is definitely worth checking out! Click here to read it.

Last but not least, :icondevicon: is posting a Team Teen comic he's been making. Go to his DA gallery to read it!

Also check out this previous journal post concerning having Gumball and Regular Show in Team Teen.
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I always look forward to new stuff from you!
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I... kinda in the middle of making some sort of Team Teen-esque TV Show script. If you're interested. 
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If you post it on DA, I'll link to it.
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Ok. But I'll probably post it on Tumblr though. 
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hey thats me lol

please mind the first few chapters grammar is iffy :/ 
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great work dude 
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Looks like your series is about to get BIG, good sir. Nice.

Question though, will we see the yellow sponge helping our heroes later on, a la Crash in Skylanders Academy? Just wondering.
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