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Come and join, why dontcha?
I haven't really been keeping people here up to date with what I've been doing, so just you guys know:

Since making full length episodes of Team Teen are logistically implausible, I'm making trailers to "episodes" instead, in a new series, "Last Time, on Team Teen: Cartoon Heroes Unite". Through it you'll see all the crazy adventues of Kim Possible's team of young heroes that lend a helping hand, and fighting off an evil force that threatens the entire multiverse.

The first episode is out now. Here's a trailer for the next one.

:iconthechossen1: has been working on a fanfic of Team Teen for quite a while, and is definitely worth checking out! Click here to read it.

Last but not least, :icondevicon: is posting a Team Teen comic he's been making. Go to his DA gallery to read it!

Also check out this previous journal post concerning having Gumball and Regular Show in Team Teen.
People always say "Add Gumball!" or "Add Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show) to Team Teen!"
If there was an episode where Team Teen would meet up or help characters from either show, how would it play out?
What would you have an episode be about? What adventures would they go on? Who would they meet? Who would become a member?
I'm going around on all social media platforms and see what they think. We might even animate your idea! (not as a full episode though)
Well, with the Youtube copyright claim getting resolved (months ago), and Youtube improving its ContentID system and rules, along with the fact that it's the most popular series on my Youtube channel, it's pretty much okay for me to bring it back. And thanks to an improved production pipeline, I can make episodes a lot faster than before. Barring any issues like a freelance gig taking top priority, you can expect Part 4 of "Convergence at Gravity Falls!" sometime in early 2017.
You've seen the trailer (and click here if you haven't), now check out :iconjbwarner86: poster that goes with it!

Splat's All, Folks by jbwarner86

Happy 25th Anniversary!
For season 3 of Toons These Days, I asked :icontorquesmacky: to write a script where Doggy reviews Kill la Kill. Unfortunately, season 3 got cut short an episode in favor of other projects. :iconandrewk: wanted to make a TTD comic, so I let him adapt the script into a comic instead.

Check it out here!
Toons These Days - Kill La Kill by andrewk
Due to copyright concerns, fan animations that don't prominently feature Dtoons original characters will no longer be produced. Projects affected by this include the Team Teen: Convergence at Gravity Falls pentalogy and the Sonic shorts.
"Team Teen: Convergence at Gravity Falls! Part 3" and a special Nicktoons short that's currently in the middle of production will be the last of said projects.
Since the Sonic shorts have made over a million hits, they're the most popular video on my Youtube channel, so it makes sense to make more!
I have a list of ideas of shorts I'd like to do, and though I hope to do all of them, I only have room in the schedule right now, to produce one or two. So out of these, pick one.

  • Sonic vs. Nicki Minaj
  • Don’t let Tails die!
  • Sonic: Fastest Thing Alive?
  • Sonic and Amy do it!
  • Gotta go Fat
  • Gotta go Slow
  • Sonic’s Feet
  • Sans (Undertale) annoys Sonic
  • Sonic’s Secret
  • Hedgehog Transformation

Voting ends this Saturday!

It's taking me a while, but I need to find a way to make this short...
Unfortunately, reality has hit hard on my side. College loan payments have gone up and made me realize that I what I make isn't really financially stable, and Frederator, the MCN dedicated to animators is encouraging creators to diversify and do things other than make animations. I realize that the cartoons that do good on my channel (Sonic shorts, SU x GF crossover) don't line up with the cartoons that people like to see (Toons These Days). Blip shutting down has hurt me and everyone that's on Channel Awesome, and Patreon support, as much as I appreciate the support I receive, doesn't cover the time and cost it takes to produce animation regularly.
Now things can go a multiple number of ways based on how well the SU x GF sequel does, but unfortunately it seems that I'll have to focus less on animation, or at the very least, make them less often, make more Sonic and video game related animations, either end or re-brand Toons These Days (the videos haven't been doing better), focus more on Toonagram (and make a Team Teen version as well), create live podcasts, diversifying my content into more "risque" areas (on another DA page), and I'm highly considering starting a Let's Play channel.
On the flip side, Kassandra: Goddess of Awesome has shown to have a lot of appeal, and has a lot of potential. The fact that Defy Media (SMOSH) has shown interest, means that more cartoons featuring her are in the works.
"Team Teen: Convergence at Gravity Falls!", a side story set in the cartoon crossover world of Team Teen, will be turned into a pentalogy. The video, with almost 800 million views, became the fastest video to reach that milestone on Dtoons' Youtube channel, and is now the second most viewed video on said channel.
Future episodes feature Steven Universe, Star Butterfly, and the Mystery Twins (Dipper and Mabel Pines) as they confront a revived Gem monster. Lending a hand will be 9 additional characters, that will appear throughout the next 4 episodes.
The second episode is currently in production and will be released in March, with Patreon supporters seeing it a month earlier. The rest will be released throughout 2016.
Starting this Friday, I'm going to stream once a week, same day at 8pm on Youtube. Projects being worked on will either be "Convergence at Gravity Falls II" or a new Conroy Cat project.

Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel to be notified when it happens.
Thanks to feedback from people on Patreon, and to celebrate Dtoons 15th anniversary, I'm going back to the basics by making new animated shorts starring Conroy Cat and Doggy! Inspired by one of my favorite animated webseries, "Yo Mama", the new shorts will have a more interactive and audience engaging approach. Two shorts will roll out in the fourth quarter of this year, with more coming out in 2016.
Due to things going on on my end, there's been a change of plans. I realize I can't really juggle comics and animations as well as I hoped, so until I improve the production pipeline, I'll be focusing more on animations. I still hope to make comics, it just won't be weekly for a while. The comics I plan on doing now will be Ask-a-Toon, which is where Doggy and Conroy answer reader questions. Kassandra comics will follow a similar nature, but more on that will be revealed later.
 Also, as far as animations go, due to advice given to me concerning my Youtube videos, I'm going to make more Sonic shorts, since they've proven to be more popular than either Team Teen or Toons These Days, so the goal now is to make a Sonic short every other month, rotating with Toons These Days, natch. I was hestitant to go through with this before, but over the past several weeks I've come up with more ideas for Sonic shorts, that I feel more comfortable with this new strategy.
The Team Teen short in development will come out next month for Patreon supporters, and August for everyone else. The other Team Teen shorts I had planned for this year has Sonic in them, so they still kind of count as a Team Teen short.
Almost five years ago, I made a journal post where people could ask Doggy about himself and life in Cartoon Land, and every now and then people still post questions in that old journal post!
So, last night I thought that I should bring it back, but this time as a comic! I'll only do four though, just to see how well they're received. But if it does well, we'll make them in addition to the Kassandra comic!

So below, ask Doggy a question! If you've asked him something before, ask him again!
I've been offered a job opportunity in the case that an animation studio opens up near my area. So if nothing comes out of that, here's what's in store:

  • First, I'd like to remind everyone that I have a Patreon page to help support my animation and comics! You can set a monthly cap so that you'll only have to pay once a month. Even a dollar a month will help tremendously! You can also donate through Paypal. (if the link is acting screwy, send a note if you're interested)
  • Team Teen, though takes longer to produce than Toons These Days (6-8 days) and gets just as many hits, I'm going to try to make it into a flagship series for my Youtube channel. The two videos have gotten more likes, more subscribers and related material does well here on Deviantart and on Tumblr, so in some ways it's more popular than Toons These Days. I like Team Teen because it's a way for me to celebrate my love of cartoons, and it's fun to work on.
  • The Team Teen short I'm working on now is a Gravity Falls x Steven Universe crossover, and will be about 40 seconds long.
  • To make room for production on Team Teen, starting July we'll only produce one cartoon per month, and will alternate between Team Teen and Toons These Days each month. Patreon supporters can vote for a Sonic cartoon to be produced in place of either series.
  • Toons These Days is wrapping up production on season 2-B, which were episodes that were supposed to come out early last year. Season 3, comprising of six episodes, will start rolling out around August or September.
  • The shows covered in season 3 are Steven Universe, Breadwinners, Sonic Boom, Wander Over Yonder, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and Kill la Kill. The order of the episodes gets voted upon by Patreon supporters.
  • Juggling both animations and comics aren't easy but I'm still trying to make it work. Though a story arc is planned for Kassandra, I haven't written anything yet, but I should have everything ready when it launches in August.

So stay tooned!

It's been a long time, but I've finally gone back and started making webcomics again! The site which hosted The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat (which Toons These Days spun off from), is revamped and renamed as it will be the home to other series as well!
Right now I'm doing a bunch of gag-a-day geek related gags, but starting in August will switch over to comics featuring Kassandra, I've been cooking up stories featuring her friends and her world that I can't wait to share!

Also, Patreon supporters can see comics early!
A lot of people have wanted a Toons These Days episode of Sonic Boom done, but this time let's do something different.

In one sentence, I want you to write something that Doggy will say about Sonic Boom animated series!

The funniest lines will make it into the episode, which will come out later in the year!
Leave a comment below and give it your best shot!

I'm a complete jerk for not saying in my last journal post that Charles Brubaker (:iconbakertoons:) is one of the many people who help me out on Toons These Days. He's a talented cartoonist, who's been published multiple times, so I hope you check out his work either on DA, his website, or on his Tumblr page.
Also, support his work through Patreon!
....and just have Toons These Days (and the occasional Sonic cartoon) be the only animated series I make. A professor once told me how I should avoid doing both and just try focusing on or the other, but after attempting various animation projects since 2011, I realize that TTD is pretty easy to make (especially since I have people like :iconjoncausith::iconandrewk::iconboomerbomb: helping out) and the Sonic cartoons can usually get made within a week. So hopefully if I plan well, I can squeeze out a few comics every now and then.
So expect to see comics of Conroy Cat, Kassandra and other characters next year.

Help me out guys: should I call the new comics "Dtoons Comics" or "Conroy Cat and Co."?

Also, a new episode of Toons These Days comes out on Monday, the first new episode since February! See it first on my website!