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Team Teen: Convergence at Gravity Falls XVI

By Doodley
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There was an idea. To bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if they can become something more. So when we needed them, they could fight the battles. That we never could.
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Call them The Nick Squad. Besides Team Teen is already taken.
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I love the teenage robot girl!
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Love how Jake just nonchalantly flies in.
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This is awesome work!!!
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where in gravity falls in ben tennyson
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That was so awesome! So great to see the teens together at last! :D
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I guess Ben thinks he's too good for them.
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I guess Ben 10 couldn't make it; probably has something to do with his sudden reboot, huh?

Nonetheless, it AWESOME to see Team Teen back together.
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I've been waiting for Jenny to show up!  Awesome!
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That was a very satisfying conclusion to this saga. Taken you a few years to have done it I'm sure, and it has been totally worth the ride. :meow:
Awesome that ya brought back the original Team Teen here from your older animation. Nice callback =D
On the link that says "Watch the cartoon here!"... it takes us directly to this very page here. No YouTube page.
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The link should be fixed now!
It is. Great job!
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this is so cool! 
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