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Cartoon Cafe: You're....

By Doodley
Wow, it's been ages since I posted anything!
I wanted to try this video feature. Youtube's going through.....stuff..., so I figured let's post cartoons all over various platforms.
Don't know if I'll post the stuff everywhere, because that's a lot of work. But it'll be fun to give Deviantart another try.

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i think what daffy was trying to say is.

Daffy: Your Dissssspicable!


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God, I miss Looney Tunes. I dont' see why the younger generation never got into it.

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low key hoping they were gonna kiss burps 

jkjk hahah

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I have a request: Can you do the Pound Puppies from the 1980s?

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I love that punchline so much. :rofl:
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GRU is Despicable. DICK is Dastardly.
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But who is these Deplorable and Diabolical people he's talking about?
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Juuuuuust maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
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I don't know them well enough to know :P Enjoy your day :)
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Omigosh—brilliant stuff!! Great idea! And a three-way mash-up that is true to all three players. BRAVO!! This is the kind of work that should be on YouTube—and DA, too (ya idjits!). ^•^
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Very well drawn I should have seen this coming.

Anyway very well done where did you learn how to draw this good.

And have you drawn the three girls yet?

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Lol that's hilarious
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there is no right word to putt to words how evil he is
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Lol, that funny.

Daffy year looking for your despicable. 😆
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Funny stuff, great work. :D 
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He came back and he came back strong!
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rofl LoveI wish it was longer. Thank You 
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I guess it makes sense that Daffy has been around a long time, but he rarely says "You're despicable", so he might not remember it.
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