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Fiendish Feet

Another one from my archive of works I started but never finished...until JUST NOW. This one's from April (!!!), based on those yoghurt pots from the 1980's that would beat the Munch Bunch to within an inch of their fruity lives. I remember loving these as a child and I pray to GOD I have the pots stashed away somewhere.

From left to right we have Rattle 'n' Roll (chocolate), Dooya Finikisaurus (Toffee Apple - my favourite flavour of the lot), Spooky Wooky (Banana), Fangs A Lot (Strawberry) and Frank 'n' Stein (Raspberry).

More info about them can be found hither.

Bring them back, St.Ivel! I'll do your artwork for you!

Fiendish Feet, © St. Ivel.
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great work! i loved the fiendish feet, i think i even came across your blog with this pic. It's lovely to see fan art of the fiendish feet :)
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I remember these! I used to love them.

I also used to like pink strawberry Hippo mousse which you can't get any more either.