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First, I would like to say that I love inflating girls ( expansion and blueberry ) and your artwork depicting a chemical accident with ...

A really exciting story The characters are outstandingly surprising The rhythm of the action is undercontrolable A really foolish dicta...

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Nicktoons featuring Raph: R.O.T.T Chapter 1,Part 2
Raph was nevertheless someone very kind, charming, funny and especially charitable, in fact nobody has never known, of all the period when the men were born on the earth, what really took place in its tiny brain of oyster, what did not disturb him, more or less, not really. After all, he could well pass of the anonymity in the celebrity and vice versa. It crossed it all the time! Thus, naturally, it was necessary to find solutions to surmount this unpredictable nightmare, otherwise you will pass there! Only to look at his actions turbulent, that pitches you the cancer! Plan kidney stones, otherwise it is the respiratory arrest! You will pitch several types of sufferings if you do not manage to keep heading as shown by this warning list:
- narcissistic personality problem
- loss of the memory and the concentration
- Parkinson's disease
- Cancer of the Pancreas
- quite simple Cancer
- Cancer of breasts (If you are a woman)
- Cancer of the lung
- problem of stress and dehydration
- etc...
:icondoodlerraph:DoodlerRaph 4 0
Nicktoons featuring Raph:R.O.T.T Chapter 1, Part 1
Ouch, that must be super bad what happens in the abandoned factory of poor ChadBot, even me the author I especially would not have liked me get banged the mug! This sounds so terrible for the Nicktoons and their Multiverse!
But let us precisely stop here to join the peaceful side of the small town Ameriville, where we'll meet a character of the most incredible and yet excited to be a very important person in history to become!
A summer day in the friendly village of Ameriville, a town in the municipality of California, America. All the inhabitants lived a very happy life and they were happy with their career, this city was built simply to the warm and consistent innocence just as it was the case of the flagship local peoples.
There is first the Honourable Sheriff Clint Northwood who assumed his responsabilities of protector, recognized as "The Outstanding Jack of All trades of all America" A man of the most charismatic and of the most incredible of all the continent, a very confident,
:icondoodlerraph:DoodlerRaph 4 5
Raph and the Nicktoons: R.O.T.T ( Prologue )
One cloudy, very cloudy day, at an abandoned major factory belonging to the ChadBot Constructions Holdings Company.
Everything seemed annoyingly and repetitively normal since it shut its doors for good due to mysterious consequences let down by the Toybots polemics... What Toybots may you think?
For those who doesn't know exactly everything about the Nicktoons Universe in popular media, the Toybots was a catastrophic creation that led to a complete ravishing apocalypse in the Nickmultiverse.
Crazy inventor ChadBot, from the Jimmy Neutron universe, has first been horrified by the abandon of well-known characters that sunk into disillusioning depression. So he invented the mechanical Toybots to assure kids that their beloved idols will never be forgeries anymore, but one day while unveiling the prototype and at the same time in his factory developing chains of various Nicktoons, a dark and mysterious virus had let to a dysfunctional chaotic coup d'état in the Nickmultiverse. But tha
:icondoodlerraph:DoodlerRaph 6 9
Raph joins the adventure!
Introducing a new sassy, irreverent character joining the adventure: Raph!
Raph is the main protagonist of the story, very charismatic, but throws a lot of careless bizarre controversies on the others. He uses his diabolical passions, strengths, and thoughts to put everyone in disagreement to cause catastrophic perfect mischiefs. Nevertheless, he has a amazing weak for the universe of the pop-culture and does not delay forgetting sometimes all that he had in mind to befriend with his favorite characters having rocked his childhood. Perverse, disrespectful, roguish, lazy and pathetic but never falling in lack of imagination when it comes to face situations furthermore coquasses and strange who exist in the corner!
He does not delay trying to be smart in a inconsistent way of the most extreme way who exists of the universe, get ready to be shake as cocktails, guys!
Coming this afternoon!
:icondoodlerraph:DoodlerRaph 2 2
Coming soon!
I'm ready to invite you to Raph's most enduring and punchy new generation of trained super-mutants as they go on a mission to face the most supreme villain ever: Living a normal life!
This unpredictable literature will offer you tons of surprises and gags!
Satirical humor, super story, shocking toilet comedic gags, and much more awaits you!
You want to take to new spotlights your powerful OCs in my upcoming novel?
Every OCs can join the party!
It's time to take names and kick some butts!
Will you join the rebellion?
:icondoodlerraph:DoodlerRaph 3 0
The Comment Meme Contest
Hey there.
Members of the ProjectComment group, this is for you!
1. When did you start commenting on artwork, and why?
I started commenting on artwork for a long time ago, back when the rise of fan-art has started on deviantArt. It was because I needed to prove that the artwork I commented had a great potential and importance.
2. What kind of art do you like to comment on?
I love to comment inspired by my passion on super-heroines artwork, because they prove that they have a much more powerful power in their heart, love and friendship!
3. Nowadays, do you often :+fav: or comment, and why?
I do both! Because I feel the feeling of the passion the author putted on his artwork when I see it.
4. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum?
1. To make pleasure to the author.
2. To make the feeling that he is capable of great things.
3. To interact and be a crucial help to his future.
5. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it?
Nothing is is d
:icondoodlerraph:DoodlerRaph 0 0



This is it! Thank goodness, E3's just a couple days away from today, we have 11 more days before the moment of truth arrives, the moment we've all waited for, where each editor/developer/constructor will unleash mouth-watering revelations on upcoming releases! But let's talk about the most interesting company to participate to E3 : Nintendo!

The Nintendo Switch has been released just three months ago, but it is starting to skyrocket to new heights, in term of sales number, but even though everything seems going so far so good for Nintendo, the biggest problem that is still preoccupying most figures are the games, yes the new Zelda: BOTW was fantastic, yes it featured several other very good games, but the Switch still has a rather weak game library, and it seems that they are very few "true" currently announced blockbusters coming soon, but maybe this is about to change as Nintendo will stream a approximately one-hour lasting video on Tuesday 13, this should be rich in first-party AND most importantly, third-party announcements! Also, if some of you geeks spotted the final plans of the entire E3 Convention building, Nintendo seems to be holding a booth that's about the size of 3/4 of Sony's own booth! Hmm, interesting... What are they going to announce? We also hope that the 3DS game library will get refreshed, so that we can hope it selling more millions of copies, and if it's true, in about 2/3 years, the 3DS will finally reach the 100-million sale mark!

Here are my personal wishes for ths year's E3!


- Super Mario Odyssey ( Killer-app confirmed ), finally some details about Mario's spirit-inhabited cap, new stages, what will we need to do to rescue Peach from her forced wedding with Bowser! Come on you guys, what is up with the hats, the ship looks like a hat, and what the heck are those Crazy Cap shops?!

- Splatoon 2, new types of weapon, new stages, some new gameplay elements ( Possibility of changing weapons in-match, Octalings as a playable character )

- ARMS, although much was confirmed recently, maybe shall we expect some last-second announcements, such as Amiibos for example!


- Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle confirmed, plus a trailer and some gameplay. ( If not present in Nintendo Spotlight, it will surely be present in Ubisoft's press conference ) And more game details, not mentioned by leakers,

I personally want Wario, Toad, Daisy, or Rosalina ( Why not? ) to be present in the roaster!

- New Pikmin for the Switch! With photo-realistic graphics, and new types of Pikmin, this will mark the great return of Miyamoto-San!

- Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch! Not like the shitty-party game on Wii U that was just another reason made by commercials, not developers, to sell Amiibos, a real game, centered on relationships, communication, decoration, and typically everything you know about Animal Crossing!

- Pokémon! The long-suggested Stars, or a sequel to an existing game ( Pokémon Snap 2? You can't be serious ), or a completely new one made exclusively for the Switch, this would definitely convince Poke-goers to buy a Switch!

- A New Retro Studios game, at last! Will this be Metroid, since Samus Aran hadn't give any sign of her since Metroid: Other M in 2011 ( Plus, the game was in the end not that spectacular. ) She may make her biggest return in years, this time in Magnificent HD, where we would finally admire her soft, sexy and very agil body without her technologic suit, this will mean that girls in Nintendo games are meant to be show-offs, and please make this game compatible with HD Rumble, so that we can touch her boobs, with these HD feels! Yes, there's already a game that will be using HD Rumble for feeling juicy and squishy boobs. ( Game of the year confirmed? Without a doubt, yes ) and that is the new Senran Kagura. And yes, I maybe have too taken too much doses on this one... Or will it be a new Donkey Kong? Given reasons that the previous installment was a near-commercial failure, this would give another reason to the developers to take their revenge, this time using the revolutionary technology of the Joy-Cons ( HD Rumble? Infrared Camera? Motion-Controls? ). I remember that I used to play Donkey Kong Country Returns, which revealed to be a pain in the ass, in its difficulty and that I've never had the opportunity to finish it. ( But today, I'm way better at video games than before! ) And finally, the last option may be that it isn't Metroid, nor Donkey Kong, but a new game/IP! Weeks ago, Retro Studios responded to a fan's questioning of their future projects by stating that they are preparing " something delicious " but they demanded patience, letting suppose the fact that this mysterious game may be present in this year's E3. And what about the game itself? Looking at the little video that accompanied the tweet teasing their project, this game may turn out to be a cooking game! I personally really like playing at cooking games! Oh wait, there's one more option I've just thought about... What if they didn't announce one game... but three?!

This may turn out to be nearly impossible to believe, but what if this turned out to happen, in our general surprise? The only legitimate way we'll found the answer is in E3, folks!

- A new game from Platinum Games, Bayonetta 3, sequel to The Wonderful 101, or brand-new game?

- And why not some brand-new games/IPs from Nintendo!

- Ooh, and don't forget indie games!

- Wait, there's one last game I didn't mention, and it is Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch, ( Why did it have to be this game?! ), with every DLC released included, new stages, new characters, etc... Just wait and see, they say!

- Nintendo finally announcing Virtual Console, with NES, SNES, N64, and finally Nintendo GameCube games! Wii and/or Wii U can't be excluded ;)

- Big update for Nintendo Switch OS, including new features, Web Browser, online communities like in Wii U and PS4, and the possibility to record video with the Capture Button!

- Non-Game Apps joining the software roaster, like YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Netflix, and more!

- New Joy-Con Colors, and why not some special GameCube Joy-Cons linked to the GC Virtual Console? And some new accessories, why not?

- Luigi's Mansion 3! With super cool CGI-like graphics, pretty good gameplay, and Amiibo compatibility, Luigi will just pee in his pants, not of fear, but of instant shock!

- New details about the upcoming new entries in the Fire Emblem series, including the Warriors opus and the unnamed new one.

- And finally, big 'N' new details about Nintendo Switch's Online Services, which features will it announce? Will the Online Services have similar features to other companies' online services ( Achievements, cloud storage, streaming, etc... ) and/or features some completely new exclusives features?

- Ooh, and new Amiibos, as well!


- A new entry in the Tomodachi Life series ( Man, the game was so weird and funny ) where most of its gameplay problems will be solved ( Such as the repetitiveness of most dialogue ), that's even more crazy than the original, and much more ambitious ambitions on the gameplay possibilities, and for the fist time in forever, gay couples! ( Why not? )

- New details about the Nintendo Theme Parks in collaboration with Universal Studios, about its rides, activities, locations, well, basically what kind of unique experiences it will offer! Hopping for details on Universal Studios Hollywood and Florida Nintendo theme parks!

- Nintendo speaking about its plans for entering the television/film industry
( Which is truely happening ! ) and maybe an exclusive first look at their first production. A Splatoon series? An ARMS anime? A Metroid feature film? Or a Mario cartoon ( Based on the Super Mario Kun manga, which I'm an absolute fan of )

Well, that's is all for my final vision/predictions of this year's Nintendo E3 program! And that's maybe not all, because there's also the Nintendo Treehouse Live Event in which Big N promised us " to share some surprises ", what are the surprises gonna be? Some games not announced during the presentation?! Wait, and see! Thank you for reading my journal entry! And you, what else do you really want Nintendo to announce during E3? Feel free to respond in comments!


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Raphaël "Raph" Alexandre
Artist | Professional | Other
Fascinated by animation and anime, Raph is born with a crayon and a pen in his hands. He is ready to enter in History of DeviantArt by proposing to his Readers, incredible stories, his undercontrolable humour, and his critically inspired painting philosophy.

Current Projects:
Reboot of Nicktoons Return of the Toybots
Heroes, a revolutionary novel
Raph & Co., a animated sitcom cross-over as hilarious as hell!
Accepting all kind of fan-art requests.
While some may see talented artists as crazy, we see genius.
Obtaining 1000 watchers
Gaining a recognized popularity in deviantart
Helping artists becoming more unique in understanding their passion
Outthinking together imagination
I watch everybody, without an exception!


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