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Little Red Riding Hood and The Big, Bad... Wolf?

"What in the basket, kid?"
"I-I'm n-not s-supposed to t-talk to s-strangers... Whoops."
"Hehehe, you crack me up, kid. Now what are the goodies? Sandwiches? I bet it's sandwiches! Tell me it's sandwiches!!!"
"I-it's sandwiches... and... o-other things..."
"I knew it! What are the other things?"
"...sweets... and... stuff..."
"Aw dang, that sounds good! *contemplates* You wanna have a picnic?"
*they proceed to have a picnic together*

Remember kids, talking to strangers is a bad thing. *buzzer noise* Eating with them is A-Okay! *ding* :thumbsup:

I dunno why, but I had a hankering to draw Di and Sonja as Storybook characters.
Sonja's considerably younger here, being about 10 or so (and yes, I was tall when I was 10).
Also, Di's some (Were)Wolf/Doberman hybrid. :XD:
You get to see Di's shark-like teeth for once, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
(Yes, that's a scapel in Di's pocket. She always keeps it on her. I wonder why...)
I'm pretty sure the food in the basket isn't what Di wants... that kitty looks real tasty herself... W-wait, I-I'm the kitty... *gulps*

I originally made Sonja small because of some of the art I've gotten of her.
Semi-feral (think something like Puss in Boots from Shrek, but quadrupedal more often) Sonja is smaller than Di, but Anthro Sonja is around the same size as her.
But, the kitten thing is fine, too! ^-^
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