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SuperXray by DoodleLyle SuperXray by DoodleLyle
Actually I've sprung this sort of piece on a lot of people over the past several years, but I still consider this sort of thing more experimental than what I do as a daily thing.

The process on this began with a scan and paste job in PS. I got the ironic feel to the thing that I liked and then used a series of layers to "threshold" and "stamp" filter the various levels of posterization (This is much more like the old film process of posterization than simply running a file through "posterize" filter. While I suppose I admire Adobe for including such a filter, it's a poor substitute for actually eyeballing the work selectively).

After the "computer pre-sketch" was done, I printed out a flopped version of the image on Super-B paper (get it? Super?) and began the process of selecting vibrant Prismacolor pencils to do the hand rendering.

I drew the image onto a piece of UC-4 Polyester drafting medium, then flipped the whole thing over and drew it again. That way the light goes through the thin layer of color pencil pigment, hits another layer of pigment, bounces off the backing board (Illustration board that it's attached to) back through both layers and a very vibrant image is produced. (Which is more impressive in person. Sorry to say that it's difficult to reproduce the vibrancy in a scan.)

This one was donated to the 2010 Heroes Convention Auction.
Kalula Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2010
Hahahaha oh geez superman, is that what you've been using to look through walls this WHOLE TIME? XD
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