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Hey guys, I'm going to keep this short and sweet, no super long explanation needed because honestly this happens to a lot of people, so I'm sure you already get the idea. The issue? Bills! I work a part-time job that simply doesn't pay quite enough, and because of the timing, I'm going to be short about $30 by the time the bill rolls around.

For just $2 (the price of a small coffee) you can get an original doodle like the ones seen in this journal for just about any character. I would really appreciate any donations you have to offer, but please don't feel obligated to! :heart: To order, there's no need to hassle with the comments or my notes, just simply use PayPal and add your character reference(s) and your DA username so I know who to give it to.

I can do human characters, anthro/furry characters, and dragons! Headshots are available for all of them, but full body doodles are exclusive to dragons. Please be sure to ask questions if you are unsure! Thank you so much!

Bonus! If you buy one and tag three people in the comments who might want some doodles, you get an extra one for free!

Hey there, everyone! My name is DoodleDitz, and recently I've been doing things here and there to promote and sell some of my artwork. This art shop was inspired by a silly bracelet I made for a dragon of my own, and I thought "well heck, I'm probably not the only person that'd like something this cute!" Let's hope I'm right, lol! But first, I have to get something out of the way, so my Art Shop doesnt run the risk of being deleted.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the designs or other Intellectual Property created by other entities. Any fanart you purchase from me using "real world" currency will only be available digitally. Tangible items with dragon or character artwork on them will be created based on dragons from Draconic Mythology or other dragons not protected by copyright.

Phew, glad that's over! Now, on to the art shop!

What I have above is just an example - whether you're getting free art or buying it, these will be based on the dragon you choose, not one of mine (unless you really want me to).

Basic - $5
  ~ 2 basic (one row) bracelets
  ~ 1 dragon doodle
Triple - $10
  ~ 1 triple (three row) bracelet
  ~ 2 dragon doodles
Special - $15 package
  ~ 1 five-row bracelet
  ~ 2 dragon doodles
Custom - varies based on content
  ~ 1 basic bracelet - $6
  ~ add two rows to a bracelet - $4
  ~ just a doodle - $2

  ~ Basic - $6
  ~ Triple - $10
  ~ Special - $14
  ~ 7-Row - $18
  ~ 9-Row - $22
  ~ Name (Narrow) - $30
  ~ Name (Wide) - $35
Bottle Charms
  ~ A Special - $15
  ~ B Crystal - $12
  ~ C Light - $8
  ~ D Pill - $10
  ~ E Custom - $15
  ~ F Full - $10
  ~ G Half Full - $10
  ~ H Half Empty - $10
  ~ I Clear - $15
Plastic Charms
  ~ Coming soon!
  ~ See the commission sheet above!

  ~ 25% off all items when four(4) or more items are bought.
  ~ 50% off all packages when two(2) or more packages are bought (does not apply to first package).
  ~ FREE Shipping to all orders shipped to the US!

Other information:
I take (and prefer) PayPal, but other options are available. If you want a sample sketch, it is completely free, but you only get up to two before any order. IMPORTANT: There is an additional shipping fee for orders shipped outside of the US! It is not a huge fee, and some of my locations are limited, but I need to let you know now so that it isn't a surprise later, sorry. <3

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive any orders with tangible itmes, I will need your shipping address and name. PLEASE DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFO PUBLICLY!! The reason I am using PayPal is because 1. there is an option to include a shipping address that only I will see, and 2. it has buyer's protection so that you can get your money back in case anything goes totally wrong.

Thank you so much to everyone who views or shares this thread. May the blessings of many dragon gods be ever in your favor. <3 <3 <3

Find me on other sites as well!

| DeviantArt | Twitter | Picarto | Patreon | Discord: DoodleDitz#8489 | Flight Rising |

One two three four
Why is there a dragon at my door
So I've recently got a Twitter account!
Feel free to also post links to your other accounts in the comments ~
I'm trying to put together a huge birthday surprise for my best friend in two days, but I'm not *quite* able to afford it yet ~ We've been best friends for about 7 years, and if anyone can help me out, I'd be so grateful!
(If you want to commission me for art instead of just donating, that's cool too~ :heart: )
I'm curious! Has anyone here ever gotten a random shoutout from a famous/popular artist online?
Based on a very popular meme, I did fanart for Sugawolf on YouTube!!
Go check him out, because his gaming videos and such are absolutely great~
Heya, how did you come up with your username? Mine was a mixture of ideas including (but not limited to) "DangerNoodle" and "DoodleClutz". 
Ninja Sex Party - Tour de Force
If you don't know about the band Ninja Sex Party, then check out their channel on YouTube; highly recommended!
I just got back from their most recent concert date, and it was honestly the best concert I've ever been to. Danny Sexbang did so well, and so did Ninja Brian and all of TWRP. I drew this as a bit of memorabilia for the concert. What better way to end the fun with a nice drawing, am I right? 
If anyone else was there in New Orleans, shout out in the comments! I might have stepped on your foot in the crowd by the stage, so let me know if that was you so I can apologize lol. Hope you enjoyed the concert! :heart: 
My Passion
This one I drew with the track "Let's Dance, Boys" (from Bayonetta) playing in the background. > Click here:… <

As I drew this character, I thought a lot about how there are many artists out there that don't feel like their art will ever be enough. Maybe they have a disability they struggle with, or maybe their family puts them down for their art. Heck, there are people out there that are put down for doing anything they love... 
Well, let me tell you this, friend. You are beautiful inside and out. You may be blind, deaf, mentally disabled, or identify as something that others may shun you for, but don't let that stand in your way. You are powerful, you are passionate, you are strong. You're fabulous. When someone tells you you're not good enough, remind yourself that you're better than them, so what does that make them, then? No matter what stands in your way, no matter who wants to drag you down, you will emerge a star and shine brighter than those that tried to drown you out. They will one day look up to you, you've just got to keep living and doing what makes you happy. 

Stay fabulous, my friends. We're in this together. :heart:
Porko - Commission
Based on someone else's lovely dragon in Flight Rising :heart: 
They said they loved it, so I hope you do too! 
A Lesson in Perspective
I hope this helps anyone that is struggling with perspectives! Ask me any questions in the comments below!
This has definitely been the most interesting commission I've ever finished... it's a Mewtwo fused with an Octoling from Splatoon! 

How the commissioner came up with this, I don't know. But it was fun drawing!
Want to join some cool Discord servers? We've got a HUGE competition going on that you can participate in by joining ANY of these servers:

Sweet Melody: - A chill server for more than just art.
Doodle Craft Studios: - An art server focused on helping artists.
Baka Baka Art Club: - A server for art with a nice touch of weeb.

The theme for this competition is SURREALISM - it ends in two weeks!


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