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Ah, Art Puns

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Tubey: when you take a tube of paint, put in on your pallet, and applying it on the canvas with out any creative alterations.

Ok I really do not like using only 3 colors. It looks good in Shrubmonkeys but it doesn’t work for me. But I hate coloring. >< ah!!! I have to find a new way of coloring that with enable me to color fast and make it look good.

Every time my teacher says something is tubey, I want to say that line so much.

I want to do an “:Ah” series which is basically just funny things I see or experience. Next up “Ah, Gym”
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mikami234Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very witty. lmao. i would've totally cracked up.
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NutmegwritesHobbyist Writer
Sounds like a scene from pinky and the brain . . . Don't laugh you love it too
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Music-X-RoseHobbyist General Artist
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FallonkyraHobbyist General Artist
i miss art classs
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Falling-PixieProfessional Photographer
actually, I really like the 3 color thing. it's simple and coordinated. it works together great! it's not a MASTERPIECE i guess but it's not just a sketch. :D
ahhh I'm going to say this ever so often now...
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jillkunStudent General Artist
5 mins later I just figured out the joke!!!! XD I'm so slow~
I like the color you put to it, and this is funny!! :lmao:
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BlueSilverPandasStudent Digital Artist
Hahahahahahaha! XD I love this! *faves picture*
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Shahrezad1Student Traditional Artist
*laughs loudly in the library*

Wow. This is absolutel delightful. XD And it feels like you've captured a moment from one of my own classes, to be honest.
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RavenskysongHobbyist General Artist
lol thats funny! i like adding a little color to my yellos, like some red to make it a hint warmer. but someitmes its best right out of the tube, the teacher should get off his back XD
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Moonstar37Student General Artist
lol, this is so funny.
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It's tubey. >:[
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AsarynStudent General Artist
Don't move the still-lifes! Kids are always screwing up ours in school, but it's okay, because they don't do anything we can't fix. It's just a pain.

This also reminds me of my middle school art teacher's pet skull. Huh.

Yay for poor puns! xD
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i like the color and some layout is great
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rice-nd-musicStudent Artisan Crafter
wow! your art teacher is a lot like mine!
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ProloguingEpilogue Traditional Artist
Haha, this is amazing! I love it!

And the last line actually happened to me. Someone moved the skull from my still life, except I'm in Texas, so we had a longhorn skull. Yeah.....
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we have a dear head....
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lol~ tubey's a funny word XXD

the first time we were only allowed to use primary colors (no tubey colors) we were so pissed off, i remember us grumbling about why we have to mix when our school is so rich it could buy the paint company
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Hahahaha times a million
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GugaSenpaiHobbyist General Artist
AAAHHHH love this one
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thanks ^^
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Takeda-MomijiStudent Traditional Artist
Oh, man...Mr. P really DOES say that...XD. In fact, I think he says it to EVERYONE at least once every painting assignment...I know he's said it to me a lot...
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yes, its fun to say.
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TerraliHobbyist General Artist
lol sounds fun^_^
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