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Hi folks!

This is my third font called CONE OF SILENCE, made for the same-named band from germany.


And it's FREE

The typeface includes many of the key elements you need in a font, upper case, as well as numerals and puncuation.
For English AND German!

Download It Then Fav it !
Note me, if you use it on DA, I'd love to see how this gets used. :)

Have fun. ;)
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Hi, I can use the font on the cover of a book?
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Thanks! Nice font. Downloading.
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You do know that the "Cone of Silence" came from the comedy series "Get Smart", right? When CONTROL wanted to discuss things in secret, plexiglass cones would descend over their heads to keep anyone from hearing what they were saying. The gag was -- neither could they, dialog mostly consisted of "What?" "What?!" while the cones were in use.
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Ooo...I like this. Kinda makes me think 'end of the world' type thing.
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i like it! both the font and the fact it is free!
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man i don't fave fonts too often, but i no choice this time!
i love this thing!
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This is kind of cool
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Very nice work. At display size the font has a nice artistic texture and at text size it looks letterpressed. Very cool to have a multi-purpose font like that.
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loved this font, it was perfect :) thank-you [link]
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Really Smart looking font.
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Really nice font. It's awesome and you an awesome job making it! ;]
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Used your font here. Thanks!
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taking, thanks! :D
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This is very nice!
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Sehr schön :-) Vielleicht benutz ich das auf dem Titelblatt meiner Facharbeit - wenn du nichts dagegen hast?
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This is a very nice font. Thank you for sharing.
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you been featured here: [link]
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I really like how it interacts with that background texture. Really nice job.
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How is it free if the commercial use is forbidden? That's like... half free?

Apart from that it's a formidable font. Great work.
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It's not forbidden. You need permission.
But you're right when you say it's half free. ;)
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Love this and the preview image :D how long did it take?

Not sure what counts as a commercial project, e.g. can I use it on [link] as a downloadable css/Web font for headings? (I'm happy to give you credit, but the ads on the site are not making me rich... but if there are ads maybe it's commercial?)


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it took several days, not that much.
you can use it on that site, but you have to link back to my site.
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