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Black Blocckks FREE FONT

This is a free font!

Download It then fav it !
Note me, if you use it on DA, I'd love to see how this gets used.
© 2008 - 2021 doodle-lee-doo
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Simple but effective design, and a nice display font. I think it would be useful if you were to include an alternate version which still has the counters in letters like A, B and O though.
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I really want to use this!

Can you pretty please put it up in .zip or ttf?

The bloody school computers I am stuck on (boarder) wont let me use RAR files
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hey doodle-lee-doo great work. is this font free for commercial use ?
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what are you going to do with it?
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if i get your permission i would like to use it in a design submission for a contest at [link]
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ok. you have my permission
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thank you very much ;)
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1,167 views, 468 downloads and 9 :+fav:s, people have no respect for free resources.
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You're number 10. That's great.
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hey, ill use your font
i have already, but the piece didnt turn out how i wanted, to i tossed it

but ill have to use this, it works great in 3D art
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I don't know if I'll use this, but I love it. :+fav:
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