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These are all my current items/beasts/etc for sale.
This journal will be reused so make sure to check back for new additions!

All prices are negotiable.

Art prices can be lowered for more detailed work.

'Rolls' are per beast, 2 beasts in an image count as 2 rolls.




For the ones without prices, just make an offer since I'm not sure of their worth

x 1 Hunter's Ale

x 1 Large Health Potion

x 1 Antidote Liquor




x 1 Luxili

$4/400 points/2 rolls/10 HP

x 1 Expression Changer

5 rolls/20 HP


Eri-baby by Doodeedoodah

*possible design above*

Galaxy 652 x Erin 664

3) Saber , Male
Fawn with Siamese and Unders
Mane: Standard
Tail: Standard

Would happily include him in the Erin clan lore, eg collab/rps with his family members

Not looking for a lot for him as he's been sitting for a while

£4 / $5 / 10HP / 1 Roll / May trade for Saber/Meg genos/slots

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Is there a specific amount of art you want for the WoR Do-Over item? 
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I'm more looking for quality over quantity, whatever holds roughly the same $10 value

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Sweet! Here are my examples from my Reos folder in my ARPG account:…
Lemme know if you think any of that would be worth around $10!

I can mostly do busts w/ corresponding backgrounds, but I don’t mind doing a full body or something if you don’t think a bust + a BG would be enough.
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Your colour choices are super pretty! One bust + bg would be fine, feel free to pick either one of my kids:

Fiera 10048
Yandeer 5648
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Here you go!
Bust - Yandeer by AerePG

Im so sorry this took forever. I forgot to add it to my list and it was only until an hour or two ago that I remembered about this bjixbjixjbidd
hope it looks okay!
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That's alright, it looks amazing! Thank you very much!

Which account should I transfer to?

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Ah yay! No problem!

And Aeregele is fine!
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Oh sick!! Thank you!! I’ll do my best to get them done before the end of the week!!
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