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Tale of Twilight - Page 085

ToT: Tyranny begins!

Hey guys, sorry this one took to long to get out. Been out of town for a few of my comic days and not feeling all that inspired. Hopefully I can get out the next on in a timely fashion. Thanks for your patience. - Don

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No more mane 6

It's the mane 3 now..

Claircendre's avatar

month without celestia and luna, cadance had to wake up the day and night alone?

MacyEdward's avatar
Oh god, when's the next one? (e_e)
MacyEdward's avatar
I think the text made me sound like I'm annoyed, the Oh god part was about how cool the comic was, the rest was just a question.
carminesavastano's avatar
You're not the only one waiting, you know!
diamondmanmega's avatar
who the heck would want to make that glass pane?
Aura-sky's avatar
Because they need to remember the past so they can protect themselves just incase it happens again
like people says
history is doomed to repeat.
Sorunome's avatar
My theory is that the castle is magical and nobody actually makes those glass panes, instead they form in a magical way. That would also explain more easily how discored managed to move inside of them, well, except that discord is, well, discord.
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
my thoughts exactly! it's too mournful!
diamondmanmega's avatar
That's pretty brave and a bit sad for the maker of the glass pane
Daiskida's avatar
It's been a month since that tragedy, but hey least they had time to commission that stainless glass image. That was needed, right? An hey, did anyone bother to dig out Celestia and Luna from under all that rubble?
power-nico's avatar
A month! Poor Cadance.
mairlylindor's avatar
i wish i dont feel that way.... leaving a brother like makes me feel much saddness
Makes me wish... that the past events never happened... Was... I being too negative...? Sorry...
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Jeez, things will never be the same...

Shining is dead by his own sister's hooves
Twilight quantum leap away with Pinkie and Dash
Cadence's heart seems to be forever broken

but wait, Luna is alive?
shelbythehegdehog112's avatar
Twilight thought it was sombra or chrysalis, pretending to be shining armour, it's not her fault.
Elafros12's avatar
Yup, I think they're still alive. :) Remember Luna's cheek healed? They're just healing themselves up. I just hope they're not buried yet. If they are, they're gonna be like zombies. XD
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
And then someone will be kicking heads and getting fired for assault on a Princess. That or they get pushed back in the ground thinking they're an old horse with a back issue
SunlightBlaze's avatar
Where? I don't see her anywhere but on the window. Wasn't she the first one to be killed by Sombra?
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Well if she was dead then it would also show Luna died in the stained glass window, so she might be alive in a comatose state
SunlightBlaze's avatar
Well, in the same stained glass window we see Celestia, and we saw HER get killed on-screen, so the window isn't admissible as evidence to the contrary for Luna.
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