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Tale of Twilight - Page 082


Wrapping up the arc, hooray!

Note: I have this page set to auto-submit and I'm out of town on a business trip, so the links on my profile page and on the previous page won't be updated until I get back. Edit: I was able to update the links on the trip. Huzzah!

Note 2: I am aware that Cadence is missing her wings. I'll go back and surgically reattach them when I get back from my trip. Edit: Wing transplant success.

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Ho God.... her cutie mark....
mairlylindor's avatar
what happened to her cutie mark?
MalsaraNightShadow's avatar
Her heart was broken.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Whoa her cutie mark changed
MlpDoodleDraw's avatar
Rainbow123451101's avatar
o wait i see you saw that now XP
Rainbow123451101's avatar
Where did cadence's wings go? 0.0
CassieAlicorn's avatar
nicoxD27's avatar
this is so good in so many ways :D.
goodbye old Equestria we are not going to miss you.

keep going with this comic is really good
Not sure if I'm the only one that hasn't notice but where's spike?
Arielmlp's avatar
He's back in ponyville.
He's not going to take it well that Twilight is missing now
He'll probably go all berserk
Arielmlp's avatar
Yeah probably and go with revenge.
Yeah he will and grow into a full grown dragon 
svolozhanin7's avatar
Luzyara: Is perfectly know that I am not one who suffers today! Devilish 
crystalbrete's avatar
omg what wrong cadence cutie mark heart is breaking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mcslurpi's avatar
Shining armor death effected her strongly, that's why
crystalbrete's avatar
Because king sombra was in to shining armor body and that was king somra stupid plan
mcslurpi's avatar
but she didn't know king sombra was in shining armor body 
crystalbrete's avatar
She thought it was Crysalis but wind up killing her own brother.
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