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Tale of Twilight - Page 081

The calm after the storm; A broken landscape surrounding a broken heart.

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Shining Armor died pathetically.
Phoenixinator's avatar
A red sun rises....
Is that Pun Pony I see?
Winged-Stone's avatar
Where is your love now?
Animatorsnake's avatar
This moment just got more intense and sad now
therealnightmaremoon's avatar
.....*insert credits* MY LITTLE PONY~
Saraswati3's avatar
where's fluttershy again?
Daiskida's avatar
An while this scene is all dramatic, Cadance is thinking "Wonder if I can have him stuffed and put in my study...."
Firemistcelecord1's avatar
How's she gonna react when she finds out Twilight did it!?
askwasteali's avatar
Ali: She have a broken heart. React on Twilight, she get a broken mind and tearing heart into pieces. She won't be the same.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
You mean, when she discovers that Sombra tricked Twi into doing it?
Firemistcelecord1's avatar
Yes... Maybe.... i'm not sure....
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Only time will tell.
cartoonfan22's avatar
Oh.... crapbaskets! or, Sugar Honey Iced Tea!
cyrus18's avatar
All hell is about to break loose
rinalin321's avatar
so um twilight has her rage shift  do i sense a cadence rage shift brewing
svolozhanin7's avatar
Idiot, that's what happens to those who go to "serve the country" is the fate of all the "heroes".
ColonelBSacquet's avatar…

*radio chatter* "We have a Prince down. Confirmed, we have a Prince down."
Sonic5421's avatar
Never, NEVER, mess with the Royal Family of Equestria...

There is going to be Hell to pay now...
rinalin321's avatar
one of two thing is going to happen one cadence just breaks down and cries or two she shows twilight how to really go off the deep end
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