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Origami Sea Lion Instructions


This design only happened becuase, some number of years ago, I was folding during a long ride on the DC metro train and a little girl bounced over begged me to make a sea lion. I'd never tried one before, so it was a lucky first try I suppose.

I think this is free of diagramming errors. I want to emphasize the "think" part of that. A couple of my designs are pending being posted because every time I examine them again I see things like one too many flaps shown in some of the figures. Although this looked right to me, don't hesitate to point out errors to me if you see them (ditto for my other designs as well).

Waterbomb base:
- [link] - they call it a helmet base, but it's the same thing.
- [link] - same base, but with better music ('cause that's what's important! =P ). The base is formed by step 3. Subsequent steps don't apply to my sea lion design, unless you want to use it to make a small ball for the sea lion to ballance on its nose.

A note on asymmetrical squash folds: The most difficult folds are are the asymnetrical squash folds. If you start by doing a symmetrical squash fold for simplicity, the model will still work. You can also make a regular symmetrical squash fold first, and then adjust it to be asymmetric, although it will add more creases.

Alternative steps: if you want a slimmer sea lion with less of a fat neck, you can either narrow the neck or flip the design around so that the top and bottom are reversed and fold the flippers reversed as well. Doing this will make a sea lion with a longer neck and longer/thinner head.

Usage Policy
To me this design is not complicated, so I would expect that other people have happened across similar to nearly identical patterns. However, I did develop this myself and therefore hope that my choice of details is at least somewhat unique. If you follow this tutorial to create a sea lion and wish to post the result as artwork either here or elsewhere, please credit the design you used to create the model.
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Not very demanding folds.
Me: *can't even get the first set of flippers right*

Atleast I made a seal with some reverse folds