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Origami Hermit Crab Instr.

I made many diagramming errors the first time through and had to correct them over time. I corrected everything I saw, but that doesn't mean this is error-free. If you see something weird, let me know so I can fix/correct it.

A note on difficulty
This is probably significantly more fiddly of a design than the other ones I've posted, save for perhaps the unicorn and its lack of guideline creases. If this is your first crack at origami, you'll probably want to try some of my other designs (or other people's designs!) before having a go at this one.

A note on paper size
Use sufficiently large paper! I like to use paper in the 10x10" range for this design to do it cleanly and with wet-folding. You'll get a hermit crab that fits in the palm of your hand. If you go with paper that's small, you'll end up with a really itty bitty hermit crab (which may be desirable for some) and may want to skip adding the feelers and may need tweezers or needlenose pliers to do the eyes. Those features are really annoying to do on smaller paper.

A note on anatomical correctness
I have had to settle for some pieces of correctness at the expense of others to retain simplicity of the design. Hermit crabs do not come attached to their shell, hence why I have modeled the hermit crab itself without shell. However, the large arms are not exactly oriented right from the side view (ideal view is from the front, where it looks more acceptable coming out of the shell). One pair of feelers is also missing. Hopefully though, the design captures the general feel of the animal as it peers out of a shell at you without having every single feature modeled in detail.

A note on shells (as if I don't have enough notes)
I have used real snail shells. I have found relatively few origami shell designs that allow enough space for the hermit crab's body. I've been working on trying to modify some of these or improve them so that this model can go into a paper shell.

Usage Policy
To me this design is not very complicated, so I would expect that other people have happened across similar to nearly identical patterns. However, I did develop this myself and therefore hope that my choice of details is at least somewhat unique. If you follow this tutorial to create a hermit crab and wish to post the result as artwork either here or elsewhere, please credit the design you used to create the model.
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That is a very nice design...