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Origami Dinosaur Instructions

Well I don't have a working TV as of June 12th, so guess what I've been doing... :lol:

Thicker and/or very difficult paper may require wet folding just on the legs to make them stay put. However, I have almost never needed to wet fold this design provided the folds are crisply made.

This design is very similar both in initial steps and final appearance to the Struthiomimus in John Montroll's book, "Prehistoric Origami: Dinosaurs and Other Creatures." However, the relative top and bottom of the design are reversed, and the hind legs are handled differently. I have seen other similarly simple bird base dinosaurs elsewhere too, but can't recall the authors. Anyway, it's probably an idea that's been reinvented many times with slight variation.

Usage Policy
Although very similar to several other patterns I have seen, I did develop this version of a simple bird base dinosaur myself and therefore hope that my choice of details is at least somewhat unique. If you follow my tutorial to create a dinosaur and wish to post the result as artwork either here or elsewhere, please credit the design you used to create the model.
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I think I need some help with steps 6-7... ^^;