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I am a computer music researcher who does other forms of art on the side as a hobby.

FAQ on Using My Work for Stuff

FAQ on Using My Work for Stuff

Updated 05-Dec-2016 I have been asked a lot of things over the last few years and many of the messages have probably gone without replies, either because I didn't see them due to not logging in or because I was too busy and swamped with e-mails. Hopefully this list of frequently asked questions will clarify most of those cases and future ones as well. Q: How can I contact you? A: By e-mail! Please don't rely on the message systems here, since I often don't check it for months at a time. I have a website now,, so go there to find contact information for me. Bear in mind that I am perpetually swamped with things and it can take

Should I make more origami video tutorials?

  |  36 votes
  • Yes - for my simple/easy designs.
  • Yes - for my intermediate to complex designs.
  • Yes - for something lacking diagrams (see… for what's already diagrammed)
  • No - do more diagrams instead.
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.



HI Y'ALL. I'm actually using the journal button instead of just being lazy and writing in my deviation comments. =P I was recently unable to log onto DA to go about my usual business of posting toons and forum-badgering for a while due to a fun combination of home computer and lower arm problems (tendonitis in both arms at the same time majorly sucks). The computer is mostly under control, although stil fubared enough that I'll have a lot to do over the break if I want it back as a data-crunching machine for research. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to my watchers and other random people that have been viewing and commenting on my art. After

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xTaintedRosexHobbyist General Artist
Hello future warrior! ~ 
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dragonlover219Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
can you help me with your dragon? its awesome but I cant figure out how to fold the legs. your dragon is the best and I want to make it the best I can.
comestainsStudent Artist
Howdy! I've folded the Parasaurolophus, and I made a few modifications to it as well to make it look more life-like. I reversed the "Arm" flaps and tucked them under the legs and made a squash fold to thin and shape them. I crimped the tail and tilted it downward a bit so it was parallel to the table. I folded the tip of the face inside and squished the crest. From there, I gave the crest a roll to curl it to a natural shape. With your permission, I would like to send you a photograph to show the vanilla instructions and my modified Parasaurolophus.

BTW, your origami is by far the best that I've encountered! I've seen other people's origami which had instructions but they were so hard to follow, my attempts at them are quite messy. Yours is much cleaner and easier for comparison. 
Hey Donna,

Great deviations! I have enjoyed folding a lot of your origami creations.

I just thought I should let you know that I am planning on making youtube tutorials on some of your origami models. In the description of the origami diagrams you say that its ok to use your models as long as I link back to the diagram and credit you as the author. I will be sure to do so.

Here is a link to my youtube channel: [link]

If you do not wish for me to post tutorials on it please let me know and I will respect your wishes.

Thanks for your time!

Your chemistry cartoons are amazing! XD
theCompanyofMyselfHobbyist General Artist
Wow! Your stuff is so amazing!! O.O
TakaEdakumiHobbyist General Artist
Wow, I haven't tried folding any of the creatures you have instructions for yet, but I'm a big fan of Origami and I just wanted to say thank you for having these wonderful guides! ^^