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Found out about this animal yesterday so I thought why not draw it? It seems that it's not a famous one...

This is Chapalmalania altaefrontis aka the giant raccoon. It lived in South America rom the early Pliocene untill the early Pleistocene.
When its remains were discovered it was first thought they belonged to a bear, which is understandable if you know the size estimates for this animal: 1,7 meters long, 1 meter tall when standing on all fours and a weight of 160 kg. 
Now imagine this thing being armed while standing on top of an alien plant monster...

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How to draw a raccoon from my animal drawing book.
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Remember when about 50% of all naturalists in the 20th century thought the giant panda was a plus-sized raccoon? Well, this guy is that outdated idea brought to life.