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Raise the sails, mateys!

A Dimetrodon grandis stretching out after a good nap.
Drawn because my most recent Dimetrodon reconstruction was one of those half-sail/no-sail abominations. Always check your sources!

So here's a pelycosaur with only the tips of its spines naked, a short tail and a more mammal-like spinal collumn but you can't see the latter.
As for why there's this article from :iconscotthartman: that I suggest you to read in case you hadn't already. Half-sail Dimetrodon reconstructions are a plague that needs to be dealt with...
The belly and tail are covered in scutes while the rest of the body is naked skin. Decided to not put fur on it.
A part of its sail is bitten off, but there are also lots of scars in its face, based on how modern predators have a lot of those too as explained in this video.
Finally, there's an ugly, mostly healed wound on its left front limb by a Xenacanthus because Dimetrodon are known to have hunted sharks.
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Hello! I was wondering if i may use this in a youtube video i am making, (we will give you 100% credit of course) and we are not monetizing our videos.

Youtube channel is; The Expeditioner's Discovery Guild, if you were wondering…
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Very nice! One of my favourite restorations thus far.I love the subtle pattern on the sail.

I feel I ought to say something about the half-sail hypothesis... You treat it unfairly. Scott Hartman never debunks it in his article, only stating that "exactly how much of the neural spines stuck out isn’t entirely clear" and that there could be a lot of variation between species, genders, and ages. While I agree there has been perhaps a few too many illustrations showing a half-sail configuration, they are almost always accompanied by proper mammalian skin and postures; surely this vast increase in accuracy of the body is worth the minor (perhaps even nonexistent) setback concerning the accuracy of the sail?

Except for the fully naked spines pictures. We KNOW there was at least SOME sail. The naked spines should be dispensed with post-haste.
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I know, but on the other hand this is the only version that's accurate so far. One could of course draw a half sail and mention how it is speculation because of the reasons Hartman mentioned, but all the half-sail artwork that's been made so far didn't do that so I thought it would be fair to make that remark in the description. 
That the rest of the body started to look better since those artworks started to appear is indeed a big plus.
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Fair enough. Yeah, they could stand to mention the speculative part a little more.
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this is what i was originally tryna push. i don't know where the sail-less abominations came from
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I think the Half-sail Dimetrodon makes an ideal cautionary tale for any paleontology fan who's under the impression that any nuance or completely radical reimagining of a prehistoric animal is automatically accurate and hardened fact. I deeply regret drawing one myself No, I disagree! . But then again I never fell into the Droopy Lipped Smilodon cult :) (Smile) , so that evens it out.

The tips as keratinized spikes still look neat though.:P (Lick) 
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Yeah, not to mention this was all the result of just some people misunderstanding a paper and everyone else not checking it themselves/understanding it wrong too.
The droopy lipped Smilodon at least led to most sabretoothed animals getting their teeth covered xD

They sure do!
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Yes it never really made sense to me why small sabered cats like Homotherium and Dinofelis couldn't hide their relatively normal sized canines behind lips, same for gorgonopsids.:P (Lick) 

Still I think Mark Witton deserves a lot more credit for the "Paleo-Lips Renaissance" than Duane Nash.
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I think Witton together with Jaime Headden are to be given credit for covered dinosaur teeth afaik (I'm not that much into the literature and blogposts to be sure others weren't first). Nash only talked about sabretooths so I guess it's okay to give him the credit for going that in depth to get this particular ball rolling whereupon Witton made clear in one of his 2016 posts were to draw the line with lips. (not Smilodon, but basically everything else)
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Wow, these guys fought SHARKS? Awesome! And, somehow, I like the naked spine tips better than the old one. It makes them look more spiny and fantastical, and the fact that they were real makes it even better! :D
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Very good work. :) (Smile)  He may not have had lizard-like lips, though. The fact that almost all cranial drawings, fossilized skulls and casts no holes for blood vessels that nourish the lips.
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Good remark, hadn't thought about that.
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No problem, bro!
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Of course, this appearance is debated
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Going from the texture of its spines something among these lines is the most likely though.
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Amazing work, Dimetrodon is really a very interesting animal, not many predators manage to stay at the cusp of the foodchain for over 15 million years and throught at least 2 continents.
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