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An early dragon

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An Appotomerus appalachia swallows a hatchling Claosaurus agilis after having snatched it from the mother's nest and taken a safe distance. 

Appotomerus fossils are from the Late Cretaceous and show small wings with features that distinct it from other early dragons like Auroradraco.
This Varanid is 1.7 meters in length so not yet a big animal. They were active predators not yet capable of flight and had to be aware of bigger carnivores. It also had surprisingly long legs that allowed it to run fast, but there could have been a uropatagium attached to them. Also they could've served to make the animal look bigger to predators, possible mates and rivals.

One of :iconhyrotrioskjan:'s dragons. In his latest dragon reconstruction he asked for some fanart of this dude so here you have it.
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There is a dubious species of plesiosaur called Apatomerus "deceptive femur". It was originally thought to be a pterosaur.
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Looks like something that should have been in Jurassic world lol
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It's true though that would have been a good introduction to the fusion of dinosaurs lol
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Simple E-P-I-C ;)
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If it is the size of a parrot I must have it...
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Nope, it's about 2,5 meters in length.
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More like 1,7 now, I had a awesomebro source earlier :P 
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Damn, gotta correct my description then!
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Nice! I love it!
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great i wish i could draw like that
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Sweet, I love it! very cool idea with the Claosaurus ^^

The Arctometecarpus looks a little small, but to be honest it's hard to see on the latest picture :P 
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Thanks :D

I used the old version too as a ref, but seems like I looked over that...
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Beautiful dragon:)
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Looks amazing!
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