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Captain Ulysses, The Power Hungry Space Man  by Donthedemon0 Captain Ulysses, The Power Hungry Space Man  by Donthedemon0
His mission since birth on his home planet is to become strong, which he could only achieve from absorbing (stealing) the high rankings of his species and other ets on his world. He eventually became so strong, and pretty much drained all of the strong, he became bored and enraged with insanity, thus destroying his home world (but unannounced by some survivors, including some members of his family). Although, he eventually became an antihero, not much of a villain, since he felt great remorse later on, being that he lost his insanity, but still craved power nonetheless...

So he then ventured into the cosmos doing the same thing to get ever more stronger.

By going from basic strength, home destroyer, large area/pavement destroyer, island level, multiple island level (like destroying many small neighborhoods with ease), city level, big city level, continent level, multi continent level, crust level, mantle level, planetary layer level, atmosphere+layer level, single planetary level, gas giant level, multi planetary level (when he destroyed his home and ventured, with his planet busting abilities at full throttle, but couldn't travel space yet, so he made his own high tech ship which he still uses), dwarf star level, regular sized star level, above average sized star level, quasar/pulsar level, star cluster level, neutron star level, multiple n-star level, galaxy level, black hole level, multi galaxy level+black hole level, galaxy cluster level, billion light year level, ascended light year level, faster than light level, universe level, parallel universe level (can only destroy 2 universes at will), multiverse level (can destroy universes of only similarity to his, no other and to a range of only 5 per attack(s)), metaverse level (can now destroy universes without much similarity and extend his ability from 5 per attack(s) to a
surprising 10 x 5^50... thanks to extra dimensions and intense training, which he basically is were he's at now. At least in his base form.

About 7' in his base form.

When in full metal he's 9'8".

In perfect full metal (increases his power by 5% always, still lower than our heroes) he's 12'.

Dominant perfect full metal, he's at big 21'..

That's it. ;)

And yes, he's based of of Lord Boros from One Punch Man, inspired by him tbh.
CofaqrigusPharaoh Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I thought it said full meme form
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