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~~~ Since it looks like people I send to DeviantArt wind up in the new “eclipse” version of the interface, I have been trying to make it work as well as the old “Classic Green” version, but it looks like that is not possible. The new version has smaller text, useless huge blocks of empty space, less accessible subgallery folders with their labels moved from the top to the bottom, no way to edit the biographical information, other information sections disappeared, a tedious and inefficient new system for arranging gallery items..... the damage goes on and on. It's sickening, but still better than coding it all myself, and I imagine that they will fix some of the bugs eventually.

~~~ The recent change of the DeviantArt logo from “da” to “Z” was bewildering, but didn't actually break things.

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November has been a busy month; I have got a lot of studio organizing done, but there is much more to do. I have a lot of pictures of new and old art to upload when times are more calm. Meanwhile, I wish you joy before, during, and after such of the many holidays of the next several weeks as you celebrate. :)
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~~~ The other night, as I was out walking, I got a phone call from a friend, letting me know that one of my songs, Ship of Stone*, had won this year's Pegasus Award for Best Classic Filk** Song.
~~~ Hard, dry winds had been shaking the trees so strongly that many had lost branches, and drifts of fallen autumn leaves were scuttling about; the hills were dark due to an emergency power shutdown, and the air was faintly smokey from wildfires near and far. It was very late; only occasional cars passed, and a few cyclists and skateboarders. In the darkness of one front yard, a deer that had snuck down from the hills was grazing, watching me warily as I went by.
~~~ I had just recently celebrated my eighty-first birthday at another friend's usual Sunday Afternoon Tea, so the news was a wonderful addition to the occasion. It was a delight to get the award, though (as I have said elsewhere) all the people who have sung and recorded the song, all the people who have enjoyed it, are the real reward. But the thing that struck right to my heart was that a large group had assembled to sing it in four part harmony at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival, which is where the awards are presented. Wow!
~~~ Tears of joy.

*A nice review of the song, with links:…
**What filk music is, with links:…

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It's July already, life has been distracting, but good. :)
UPDATE: It's now August; good distraction continues. :)
FURTHER UPDATE: September. Mixed good and bad distraction. 
 (with occasional dentistry and computer work)
ADDITIONAL FURTHER UPDATE: October begins. My birthday happens (with occurrence of cake, shared with friends, yay!). Autumn weather slithers in. The traditional start of the rainy season here, but who knows; years of drought, last winter's sudden, heavy, but late arriving rains...
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~~~ I got a booth space at a new and tiny but fun outdoor (but not raining) Beltane / May Day vending event, which led to getting an indoor booth at another event I have not sold at before, at an interesting and totally new venue.
~~~ So my busy winter season was (like the rain) NOT over, and I remain busy. 
~~~ But I still went to Maker Faire, where it was raining, and had fun. A bit smaller, and somewhat sparser, this year, but still packed with amazing technical items and exquisite craft work, and I got some tools there that I have been wanting. I plan to do a short writeup on a few of the things there, time permitting.
~~~ And I picked up some art materials in many assorted places, including art sales and the local Goodwill store.
~~~ So nothing too amazing has happened, and I am way behind on posting stuff in my gallery.

* It continues to still rain some more. However, the May _flowers_ that April showers are supposed to bring are, like everything else of a botanical nature in the area, growing and blooming with an enthusiasm I have not seen in years. It is very vegetational, and conspicuously floral, indeed.
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