Total Eclipse of the Art

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~~~ Since it looks like people I send to DeviantArt wind up in the new “eclipse” version of the interface, I have been trying to make it work as well as the old “Classic Green” version, but it looks like that is not possible. The new version has smaller text, useless huge blocks of empty space, less accessible subgallery folders with their labels moved from the top to the bottom, no way to edit the biographical information, other information sections disappeared, a tedious and inefficient new system for arranging gallery items..... the damage goes on and on. It's sickening, but still better than coding it all myself, and I imagine that they will fix some of the bugs eventually.

~~~ The recent change of the DeviantArt logo from “da” to “Z” was bewildering, but didn't actually break things.

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Couldn't find out how to access the new deviations on my page; so I had to go back to the old format. 7X=Q
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I can get there by clicking on WATCH in the top bar. But everything is tiny and zoom8ng doesn't work properly, and removing a notification after looking at it seems to require going back to WATCH and taping the preview to gat a tiny X and then taping that, and if I don't aim perfectly, it switches to viewing mode instead of deleting. Everything takes more scrolling and more clicking.

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I am actively resisting the switchover to eclipse as I don't feel it improves the dA experience.

I don't code, I just want something that worked.  Sometimes KISS is the best principle to follow.  May not have amazing words of wisdom, but I'm with you.
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As an art viewer I would just keep with the old version, but I am using DA mainly as my showcase, and Eclipse seems to be what visitors see. :(

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Sometimes "new and improved" isn't what it's all cracked up to be.
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