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Ven-Dor the Merchandiser

Through the long off, far-ago days of the ancient Emporian Empire, there strode a figure sung in song and noted in occasional footnote; a dim, legendary being; the bazaar personage known as Ven-Dor the Merchandiser....

Hither (and thither) came Ven-Dor the Merchandiser, thinning-haired, bleary-eyed, record book in hand, a seller, a trader, a bargainer, with grotesque complaints and easy amusements, to tread the garish carpets of corporate hotels under his aching feet.

Into the sales booths of odd events came Ven-Dor, pastey, pot-bellied, and peculiar, always buying strange instruments of glass and metal and combining them into instruments yet stranger....

Through the egregious eras of the Hyperbolian Age Ven-Dor wondered, accompanied by occasional accomplished accomplices and by his loyal paraphernalia. From the dusty, neglected cater-corners and unsuspected cross-corridors of space and time and other niches and higher and lower dimensions, he gathered the very odds and dubious ends of his alchemerical trade.

Nobody expects the spontanious acquisition.

This is me, selling my stuff at the 2015 PantheaCon.
Photo by Bob Spikard of Dragon's Treasure (_very_ slightly edited by me):…
Hat by Victoria Ridenour:
The deerskin poncho has Celtic wolves embroidered on the back; see link below. This is from Artemis Archery:
Pendant (carved antler wolf head with garnet eyes) by the late Reva Myers of Amber Moon:
A close-up of the top of my display cabinet:…
And a view of the design on the back of the poncho, and a scan of the hat:
Leather Poncho Back by DonSimpson    Hat One by DonSimpson
"The garish carpets of corporate hotels":
Garish Hotel Carpet 1 by DonSimpson Garish Hotel Carpet 2 by DonSimpson LosCon'17 Garish by DonSimpsonVS FurCon'18 Nongarish by DonSimpson
NOTE: The first two paragraphs of the description are parodies of two of Robert E. Howard's descriptions of his famous fictional character, Conan the Barbarian. My vending persona shown here is named in the style of characters in the stories about Conan. The third paragraph is a parody of one of H. P. Lovecraft's descriptions of one of _his_ famous fictional characters, Nyarlathotep. 
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elevengallows's avatar
You look like an ancient seller of amulets! Such a cool photo! :-)
DonSimpson's avatar
And indeed I am, for some value of ancient. :)
MyStarkey's avatar
Lovely picture of you.
DonSimpson's avatar
I'm accumulating a number of very good pictures in my ID collection.
JOCAPS's avatar
Great! I love all your portracts Don.
This one is particulary inhabitated...
I mean... you probably met an old incarnation of you...
DonSimpson's avatar
I' re been told that I'm an old soul.
JOCAPS's avatar
I beleive it deeply.
You're big bro for many of us here
Alpenminuial's avatar
So cute! You look like a wizard with his magic things ))))
DonSimpson's avatar
This photo turned out very well, I think. :)
JullezArt's avatar
Hell-is-a-56's avatar
Looking good, Uncle Don!
KidValkirye's avatar
Love this portrait! <3 
keight's avatar
Great garb, Don. It suits you well. I do hope sales and shmoozing went well.
DonSimpson's avatar
TheGoblinTrader's avatar
Love the look and the character
Yonaka-Yamako's avatar
Looking good, Don.  Love the set up.
ProfessorBats's avatar
I love this portrait.
Ven-Dor. Ha! Brilliant.
clevella's avatar
Great shot. Looks like an oil painting.
DonSimpson's avatar
Yes, classic chiaroscuro technique. Bob is an excellent photographer as well as a jeweler, and I love this photo.

Also, I love the hat.

And... Bob was also wearing one of Victoria's hats. :)
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