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Torn Heart

Front and back of a pendant carved from a very cracked piece of walnut wood, stained with india ink, beeswax finish. That's the front of the piece on the left, and the back of it on the right. Two inches high.

Mellissa Mork :iconfalco-sparverius: gave me some odd scraps of wood in case I could find use for them. One became a chopstick rest. This one was so cracked I was unsure what to do with it, but it was somewhat heart-shaped, and I had recently taken a look at one of my favorites, Dissolution "Corazon Espinado" by ~lieinbelieve [link]

The woman who bought this from me is a jeweler, and set it in a silver surround that shows both sides, and made it the centerpiece of a gorgeous necklace.
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Nice! How big are they?
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Thank you! It's the two sides of the same piece, and it's two inches high. I've now edited the description to include that.
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Yes, the pieces reflect each other very well.
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It's the front and back of one piece. The cracks run all the way through, but at a 45-degree slant. I consider it reversible, so front and back are a matter of taste. But even on pieces that have a definite back, I often do more work on the back, because the front has a naturally beautiful feature I'm preserving.
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I just love the texture. :)
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Texture is an important part of art for me; my tactile and visual inputs are intimately linked. I've done some pieces that are primarily meant to be touched, the appearance being incidental, but it's nice if I can achieve both. Some jewelry I do also includes smell or sound. I've thought about taste, but unless I get around to doing chocolate sculpture....
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I would love to see/hear pieces that include sounds. :)
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So far, all my sound-producing jewelry has been done with small balls or beads sealed in internal chambers; they roll around and make tiny noises when the pieces are moved. I've done a lot of rattles that are actual musical instruments (though I don't currently have any pictures of them to upload), so this seemed an obvious idea. One potter I met at a local art fair makes these very appealing ceramic creatures that seem to be completely sealed, but that make musical tones when picked up and handled, like a small harp being played. I'd love to make something like that.
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That sounds very interesting! It is a such a great idea. :) I'll have to try to make something that produces sound as well.
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