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Shell with Garnet 02

Pendant made from a found piece of shell, carved and set with a garnet. 3-1/2 inches wide.

The shell is oyster*, but it's translucent, with opal-like fire going in several directions. From this angle, you can see some of the fire in the upper right, and faintly in the lower right.

It was rather battered and chipped, with several large holes and hundreds of tiny ones drilled into it by tiny critters, so I did a lot of trimming and clean-up and balancing first, then a second phase of more obvious carving.

There's a picture of the back (which is not very interesting) in my scraps: [link]

*(Info from =LadyBlacksword )
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I will agree, nice organic flow to it, like it was made by nature. I'll bet it's stunning in the sun!
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Beautiful thing!
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The garnet looks like an eye to me, which gives the piece feel like an organism -- specifically like an image from a Joseph Larkin drawing or a Lovecraft story. The fact that your work expresses those things impresses me greatly!
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I'm highly complemented. I like it when visual and tactile texture of my work tickles the organism-recognizing parts of folk's minds. :)
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This is great! I love the organic shape!! The colors are awesome! Nice!
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The colors are even nicer in real life, with a lot of subtle, shifting iridescence.
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Very cool!
Looks like oyster to me tho- Some times several stick together and make formations like that, and oystershell frequently has "fire" if you see it at the right angle.
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From the "grain" of this piece, it seems to be from a much larger shell. Hard to tell, though. The back has a look that I've seen in oyster shells, but not in abalone.
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The oyster seems to be a good bet. Any chance you're going to post photos of the back?
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When I do my next scans, I'll do one of the back and post it in my scraps.
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Great. Feels like it belongs in a fantasy world.
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Oh, good. Like a lot of my work, it is intended to have that feel.
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It is beautifully organic. :)
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:) Echoes of oceans.
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I love that phrase. :)
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It's the simple things that hold the most beauty for me.
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A lot of the stuff that is beautiful to me is simple, and a lot of it is complicated. But if I were furnishing a house, I'd go for the simple things. So I must like them best. :)
Met too. It would probably be a combination of south west indigenous & Japanese deco for my house.
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