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Scanned and Photoshop-mirrored piece of rock that I partly carved, and set with with onyx eyes. With a black silk cloth background and lettering in one of the computer fonts I designed and created. The top lettering has Photoshop effects.
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cool font, remind a bit on old Sanskrit writings.. I wonder I didn't discovered it earlier :-)
I think you don't provide this font as a TTF in dA's Font section ? :-/

also the mask like stone is nice. as someone told before it looks a bit Mayan. This than makes it interesting design for my mind :-) mix of Nepal fonts Mayan and Asian culture.
Maybe it will be a bit inspirational in the future for me.
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Where is the font section located?
BlackTowerOfTime's avatar
in the category resources/fonts/ and than an proper sub classification depending on the font style. take a look at fonts there [link]

I never know you also did some fontwork ;-) your really a multi talented artist.
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Thank you for the link. I see there are almost 40,000 fonts on dA, which is pretty daunting. I could spend all my time just checking out the ones I like. :)

Yes, I've designed a bunch of fonts, and made other artists' alphabets into fonts (as you can see on my scraps page); it's one of my favorite art forms.
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heheh than you can try some for me *smile*
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Now, now; I said "could", not "will". :)
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hehhe I could do a bit myself if I got up to have mood to do any thing... and not spent to much time on dA ;-)
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Like Inkas/Mayas made it! :)
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That works very well.
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