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This is a six-armed underwater repair robot of my own design, assembled from various styrene plastic bits. Some parts i made for the project, but most are from my extensive collection of plastic stuff. The forward part of the rear section, for instance, was originally a container for cole slaw.... Several layers of grey and silver paints, simulated rust damage, dents and scratches, etc. Mounted with stainless steel rods on a commercial wood base. About 16 inches long.
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Like a "SteamPunk" version of something you'd see from the "Ghost In The Shell" anime series.

almost alive.. a bug-like creation by the creative mind and hand of mr. simpson
This oddly functional-looking little 'bot could've come right out of a Jules Verne novel. Perhaps it does maintenance and repair on the Nautilus. Lovely, imaginative creation. :)
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awesome! The appearance is very real.
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Thank you. :) I put a huge amount of work into it.
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That's really well done! Looks functional in a weird way.
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Thank you. :) It is indeed intended to look functional, and most (but not all) parts of it have an assigned function.
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That is so cool, I really love the arms, they are totally sweet.
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Thank you. :) Yeah, the hands have their own little camera eyes and stuff. One of my best pieces.
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very nice indeed
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this is great! any you want to get rid of it? sell or trade? cheers

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With you, I would trade, but it was bought by Michael Kaluta.
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that is a shame for me... if you ever find that you are inspired to make another robotic creating i would love to see it and possible get a trade going. keep up the great work. cheers!

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Its very diferent from your other creations, but its great

Its similar to the Ma.k robots from kow yokoyama
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High praise; thank you.
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Simply Awesome Mate!
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Where's the propulsion at?
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It has various vents for water jet intake and output. It doesn't go very fast, and it would be taken to a repair site by a larger craft.
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Well I must tell you, your work fascinates me.
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Hmmm. I hope that's in a good way. :)
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No doubt, keep it up.
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