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Teakwood pendant in the form of a mask, about 2-1/2 inches high.

This pendant also serves as a small rattle. Most of the interior is hollowed out through the back, and the back then sealed with a thin sheet of walnut wood that acts as a sounding board for glass balls trapped inside. A pattern of 49 sound holes in the upper part of the pendant connects to the inner chamber. A brass-tube cord tunnel goes through the rattle chamber and, along with the asymmetric shape of the chamber, provides sound variations when the rattle is shaken in various orientations. Hand-rubbed beeswax finish.
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I can't decide if this face looks friendly, unfriendly or just surprised. But it's so interesting. It ought to be on the cover of a science fiction novel, because there is surely a story behind it. :)
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Or many stories.... :)
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I love the style of this... And I would love to hear the music it makes! Do you have any youtube videos or anything to show off the sounds? Either way, fantastic work! I'm having a blast looking through your gallery. :)
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No, no sound files. Maybe I should think about that. Most of my stuff has a tactile component also, that may not be obvious in a photo....
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Your work never ceases to thrill me! Great job.
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Another of your sleekly elegant pieces.
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Reminds me of some of Moebius's drawings, if you are familiar with him.
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I've got about a dozen books of his art; amazing stuff.
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Yeah he has had quite the impact on the present generation of comic artists in Europe.

What your rattler reminds me of is the "La Déesse" volume from the "Le monde d'Edena" graphic novel series. It's actually one off, if not the first, comic of his I read.

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Actually, I find I have 26 books of his artwork (so there might possibly be some influence there). :D But I have only the first four of the six "Le Monde d'Edena" books (including "La Déesse"). And volume four has a "cliff-hanger" ending. I wonder if it is possible to get the others after all this time. I think the first Moebius work I saw was "The Alchemical Garage" (which keeps getting translated as "The Airtight Garage" because some people don't know why an airtight seal is named for Hermes Trismagestus).
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You can always try my friends shop here in Mechelen for the missing novels. They also have a large second hand section. They are reprinting Alef Tau from Jodrowski at the moment so It might be the moment to inquire about it.

Though he's quite buzzy with his practice these last few months for some reason or the other. He hasn't found out why yet.
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Thank you. I will send you a note about that.
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this is great! did you use a dremel?
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Thank you. :) I used a Foredom flex-shaft. [link] More information here: [link]
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