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Pilgrim Font Test

This is a test I did of my computer font, Pilgrim, based on the handwriting of William Bradford, governor of Plymouth Colony.

As you see, I made a few transcription errors. I substituted John Tillie's name for Edward's, from the paragraph below, which begins the same way. I changed "liveing" into the more modern "living". I wrote "sent" starting with a final "s" instead of the long "s" (which looks like an "f" without the crossbar). And so on. But I think it shows the intended result.

Being a computer font, my version lacks the variation in letter shape, size, spacing, and orientation of the pen-and-ink original, and lacks the stroke-width and fuzziness effects of the ink soaking into the paper. Some of this could be added with extensive PostScript editing of the font, but I decided against doing the necessary research and additional work that would require....
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Wow, You really do everything. Sculpting, 2D graphics, 3D (I'm talking about the 3-sided die model), and now fonts. My dear sir, I find you truly amazing! : D
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Well, I have a certain ability in 3D design, because I imagine things in 3D, but I am still terribly bad at using 3D programs; the die model is the only thing I've managed to do so far.
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Looks fine so far. Maybe the line thickness is a bit to even. Some feather like "smear" in line thicknes may give it a more handwritten look and maybe some more ligatures may help too.
With what did you construct the font or adjust the additional settings?
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Hmmm. Yes, maybe some more line thickness at points where the stroke would be slower. And I currently have just the ligatures that Bradford used; I'm not sure I want to add more, though I do have some added non-Bradford single characters. I could add more kerning pairs, though.

I use Fontographer [link] which I'm told is an ancestor of Freehand (my favorite vector design program), and which does have many obvious resemblances, to construct the font. Various programs I use (including Freehand and Photoshop) let me change various general type parameters for letters or groups of letters in a block of text.
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Ah yes thank you. maybe ssome more kerning pairs just will do. dont know which pair i saw exactly anymore now which let me thing that could be a ligatur as it is writen so tight together it seesm to melt. maybe it was "th" ... I need to look again
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Let me know what you find. :)
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Now you have me wanting to know the "translation" of the two words between "their cousen was sent for" and "England, and dyed ther."

Good job with the font.
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Actually, I'd like to know that, too. :) I entered it as "nito Ento", which captures the shapes best, but I'm not actually sure; I can't think of anything it might mean.
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"Ento" might mean "into", but that seems to add to my confusion.
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That's pretty neat, even if fonts can't use the human element :3
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