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Palm Civet

Carved skull of a palm civet [link] - inset bone bead. About 3-1/2 inches long.
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Carvings between the eyes, look like ghost-face :D I LOVE IT!
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amazing. Increadible. Exquisate. Beautiful.
Thats the easiest way to describe you and your amazing ability.
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A little morbid I suppose, but I have to admit I rather like it :).
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I don't find these things morbid, though it would seem logical for me to do so. I could make up some more or less plausible explanation for why this is so, but I don't feel any need to.

I'm glad you like it. :)
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Unbelievable. This came out just incredible. Well done!
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Don, you're not a head shrinker but a skull enhancer!!!
This kind of piece in an Hamlet representation.... To me or not to me.....
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An interesting image. :)
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Beautiful piece!
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Absolutely stunning!
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wow didn't know their skull had so many holes in it 0_o
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I thought it had too few holes, so I added some extras.... :D
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owww... thanks for clarifying it now i feel better
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A beautiful piece.
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I always mean to ask you- what sort of bones are the bone beads? Cattle? Long pig?
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Cattle of some sort; could be water buffalo. My old Tibetan beads, now....
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