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Ovoid Teak Pomander

An ellipsoidal pendant of teak wood carved with a pattern of holes that connect to a common central chamber. There is a cord hole through the top rear, and the back is slightly flattened. Stained with india ink, hand-rubbed polish, sealed with beeswax mixture. About two inches high.
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Beautiful piece!
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Thank you. :)

You do very nice work, yourself.
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Excellent work! Interesting pattern.
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do you sell any of these?
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Well, almost everything in my gallery was made to sell, and most of it is now sold. The folder in my gallery labeled Unsold Items has copies of the ones still available. Please send me a note if you want to buy anything, or commission something similar to a sold item.
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aaaah how I want to make one of these for my own... the honey comb patterns in your pomanders never cease to give me a sense of wonder.

That and it always makes me want one xD
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Well, this one is for sale. (The Unsold Items folder in my gallery has copies of the thumbnails for the available pieces.) But If you want to make your own, check my essay on carving in the Information folder in my gallery; it takes practice, but I think you have plenty of talent, and things you make for yourself are special.
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I really love these!
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God, I love this.
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beautiful little thing :)
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