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Olivewood Heart

Front and back sides of an olivewood pendant, about two inches high.

This was another plain hand-made heart that I found in a store, bought, and carved. I did a honeycomb pattern in the front. Each hole is drilled at a different angle so that if continued they would converge at the center of the triskele I carved on the back. Instead, they meet in a single chamber. There is a cord tunnel through the top, at the widest part, not visible in the picture. No staining; all the colors were already there (I love olivewood). I sometimes fill the central chamber of a pendant with absorbant material for use as a pomander, but right now it's empty. Hand-rubbed wax finish.
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Some of Your works, like this one, make me feel like I'm looking at some artifact taken from a dream... Thank You sir. :)
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Well, it sort of is....
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Wood jewelry (as well as other carvings and sculpture) have always possessed a unique character that you can't quite get with other substances, whether or not you treat it. It makes each piece different, with each having its own "personality."

Celtic symbols and other graceful, curving lines are perfectly made to be blended with wood grain, and this is no exception.
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You put that very well. Thank you. :)
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So wonderful! Your work makes me smile. :)
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Good to hear. I always enjoy seeing your work.
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