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This is assembled out of various styrene plastic bits, including the ends of two lingerie hangers. About four inches high.
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How can you make art nouveau out of plastic hangers??? :o (Eek) 
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The secret is to find the right plastic hangers. :)
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I love your works! You're an awesome artist!
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Loving the very "art nouveau" feel this piece has! Excellent use of found objects. :) How large is it? It looks like it would make a lovely pendant.
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Thank you. :) It is about four inches high.
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Excellent art and brilliant recycling!
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Awesome. Reminds me of the Gou'ld. XD
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.... Alien race from Stargate SG-1. XD Yeah... I'm a nerd. Geek. Whatever. I think I also spelled it wrong. <,< Anyway. Lovely, and out of this world.
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Ah, those guys. Usually spelled Goa'uld. I haven't seen a lot of Stargate stuff, due to not being a TV watcher (I'm allergic to commercials), but I've seen enough to know the basic plot. But not enough to know what Goa'uld look like outside of a body, or to recognize the name outside of the usual context.

However, I am definitely a geek, even if I watch mostly DVDs. I have seen all of Babylon 5 and the new Dr. Who (plus I've seen enough older Dr. Who to appreciate the way they've kept the feel of the show), and all the Ghost in the Shell movies and TV episodes, and... so on. :) I've been tempted to watch Stargate on DVD, since what I've seen of it seems good, but there's so much of it....

And I'm delighted that you like my little sculpture.
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I do! And even if you only watch the first season on DVD, I believe you will find it well worth your time. :) I don't generally like TV either, so we're doing the DVD thing as well. And you're right, I spelled the Goa'uld wrong. XD

I love your work! You have a fantastic gallery.
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OK, I'll consider watching season one, maybe re-watch the movie first....
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Very beautiful and unique :-)
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Wow, this is the most elegant piece of plastic I've ever seen. Amazing design!
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Beautiful stuff is all over; I try to keep an eye out for it.
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I love art of found objects that doesn't look like it's made out of found objects. This is a beautiful and inspiring piece. Can you tell me a little more about what's in it and how it is put together? What is the green? It looks like there is a light above that, is that just a reflection?
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well, it's mostly the ends of the two lingerie hangers, which are the four corner pieces with all the curves. The green is the pointy end of a LiteBrite peg. There are some small yellow and violet colored styrene balls, and some slightly larger clear ones. The light is indeed a reflection; there is a hemisphere there, glued to the front of the piece, that concentrates the light. Total of 24 plastic bits. The plastic balls and hemisphere are very generic, and the liteBrite peg pretty much so. The lingerie hangers were designed as totally functional objects that would mold properly, use a minimal amout of plastic, have just enough strength, be non-snagging, easy to use, etc.; basically throw-away items for retail sales. And out of that complex functionality come those great shapes. I cut the ends off the hangers with a hot-wire cutter (made for cutting heavy nylon straps by melting the material) and glued everything together with a liquid acrylic cement from TAP Plastics. How I know it will all go together like that is a mystery, I just do it.
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Thanks. That process sounds like fun.
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Yes it is. Lots.
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