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OFuthark sample

Sample of my computer font version of ~Dragonsmithy's wonderful and unique futhark.

The bottom part is the font itself, the top part is the font with some layer effects turned on in Photoshop CS2. The bevel effect makes them look like very wicked and dangerous bits of iron (well, they _already_ look wicked and dangerous, but it makes them look wicked and dangerous in 3-D :) ). (There's also an outer glow effect set to faint blue, and a red background seen through a transparent white layer).
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Could I use your font for a work ? Dragonsmithy has already given his agreement. Thank you in advance.
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If Dragonsmithy approves, you have my permission also. I'd like to see what you do with the font, and perhaps link to that, if such is OK with you.
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Thanks you, but in fact, he didn't approve yet, I misunderstood... But once his agreement given, I will send you a note. And when I shall have used your font, I'll also send you a note with the link you ask for :)
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Did you turn these into fonts yet?
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I turned ~Dragonsmithy's design into a font first, then typed the alphabet in Photoshop, using the font. The picture here is made from two screenshots of Photoshop. I also used this font on one of my Deviant ID pictures, using a Photoshop font layer [link]
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