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Mysterious Heart

Carved olivewood heart set with a small garnet cabochon; about two inches wide.

Stained, with hand-rubbed beeswax finish. Side to side hole for cord. The holes around the garnet lead to a common inner chamber.

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Tastyyyyyy!!!! :D Loveit love it love it love it...
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Beautiful and simple. Very pleasing to the eye.
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Incredible smoothness of your carving
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I spend a lot of time blending and then use flexible abrasive pads.
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we always see such wonderful pics from you ..
but every time i read you carved it out of olive wood i wonder how it smells
(some woods like olive/walnut/pine smell so nice ) 
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Maybe the wood is too old, or maybe I am, but I don't notice much smell from carving the olivewood or teak pieces. The coco bolo piece had a strong smell, hard to describe.
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lovely design, very organic
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These hearts are very well done, Don.
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This is beautiful! May I ask, would it be for sale?
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Thank you. :)

At the moment, it's sales booth stock. If it hasn't sold in a week, it will be for sale here.
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