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M-Bead 01

Bead made from a section of a manzanita branch, set with a black onyx cabochon. About 2-1/2 inches long. Beeswax finish. Intended as part of a complex necklace.

I drilled the holes from the ends, aimed to meet behind the knot, then carved out the knot down to the holes and smoothed them together so a cord would run through without catching. Then I carved the knot area to fit the cabochon and installed it. There's very little detail on the other side, except for a small spiral on the end of the downward branch.
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I did something similar, but it was made from holly and ended up a fitchifile (sling shot fork) Watcher slingshot fork  Wearing it (Watcher) would be like putting a hubcap around your neck.

Yours looks so much daintier. 

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out as it's off to a wonderful start.
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That slingshot fork is very nice looking; did you use it for a slingshot?
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Yes I did.  Used flat bands on it and she has a wallop nice and solid.
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Back in the day, we cut our flat bands from old tire inner tubes. 
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so did we :p
and i remember seeing the shiny fold-able wrist stabilized Chinese ones for the first time (many years later)  ..
somehow always felt it was more fun to do things than use them . it seemed alien to me to purchase a toy you can make , unlike electronic toys .
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The maker philosophy. Every year I go to Maker Faire here, Thousands of people who thank like that, showing their stuff. It's... an experience.
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Thank goodness we don't have to deal with those days any more.  But I have some older tire inner tubes hanging around and Therabands in 20, 30, 40 and 50 lb ranges by the rolls.  Crepe rubber bands are really nice, too. :)
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Modern materials technology. So much interesting stuff.
Yonaka-Yamako's avatar
Yeah, and quicker response compared to the the old school material save red crepe rubber rubber bands.  Those have a nice pull that doesn't hurt your wrists when drawing back.  Chained, they are fantastic.
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