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Inner Eye Coyote

Complete coyote skull, carved, with carved bone oval inset and a cord with bone beads. Selective walnut ink stain and microcrystalline wax finish. Good quality skull, with a complete set of excellent teeth. Jaw is hinged with artificial sinew so it can be opened and closed.
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Great work! I've never seen anything like it. What tools did you use to carve this?
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Thank you. :) Start here:…

Then use the deviantART Notes system to send any further questions. 
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Wow. Do my skull next!!!
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this stuff is insanely good, I've never seen anything like it
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Thank you. Basically, I fill my head with visual stuff and it interacts with the objects I work with.
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it kind of reminds of old western stuff, but with a sort of earthy mystical vibe.
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Well, I have influences from all over.
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I have to ask, wher do you live that you get so many coyote skulls?

Also, do you often have to "empty" and clean the skulls of bits yourself?
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I live within easy traveling distance of The Bone Room, a natural history store where I bought most of the skulls I've carved. :) Other skulls I've bought from taxidermists who are artists with pages on deviantART. A few I've bought on eBay. There are parks and beaches in the area (around San Francisco Bay) where I and other people I know have made finds, but those finds are few. And I have never had to clean a skull of muscle or brain or such, though I have occasionally had to remove dried skin or gristle, or dead insects, or dirt.
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Lucky you.

I;d probably have to scrape up roadkill from the side of the highway, and fresh stuff at that, or people will clear it away.

And we don;t get too many odd or large animals around here, mostly racoons or skunks or porkupines.
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Yes, I have been fortunate. At least as regards skulls. :)
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Your welcome :)
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Love the mystical feel of this one!
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It's like a third eye. Your work is very harmonic (as ever)
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Thank you. :) I've done a number of central motifs on skulls, but this one seemed particularly eye-like, hence the name.
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Where did you get the skulls? Amazing! I like it! ^^
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I have gotten real skulls (and antlers) from several places:
- The Bone Room (my main source. close-by, so I can inspect before buying; very honest about quality) [link]
- taxidermists on deviantART (somewhere I have a list, but it's far from complete; be sure to state your needs clearly when buying, as what you want in a skull may not be what the supplier assumes you want)
- eBay (I wasn't keeping good records when I was buying from eBay sellers, so you will have to find your own sources here. get to know your sources, quality is highly variable, and can be difficult to judge. I'm not buying from eBay at present)
- people who walk out in wild areas (me, friends, friends of friends, people who show up in a pickup truck at the antiques fair, etc.)
There are other sources. I've gotten antlers at garage sales, but not found any skulls. And there are non-deviantART taxidermists, and skilled amateur bone collectors; I just haven't bought from them yet.
I want skulls well cleaned, preferably by maceration or dermestid beetles, not boiled; and whitened (if at all) with hydrogen peroxide, never bleached or painted. I can use damaged skulls, sometimes even badly damaged skulls, if the damage is something I can work into the design; I do prefer all the teeth to be there, though a missing small tooth or so, or some chipping, may be OK. Sometimes skulls have a "bad feeling" to them; I really don't know how to describe it, but I won't work with them.

Resin cast skull replicas, mainly from Bone Clones: [link] They do excellent work. I've seen some poorly made castings from other places, and a wonderful "werewolf skull" casting supplied by a client, source not given.
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Aww Thank you very much, Don! I'll see all sources ^^
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Your work is beautiful!
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