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Honeycomb Heart

A found olivewood heart, with additional carving by me. 2-1/2 inches high, 1-3/4 inches thick.

I came across a plain honey-colored wooden heart in a "on sale" tub outside a beautique, and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. The honeycomb pattern of holes go to a single chamber carved out through the holes. The wood is mostly two shades of color, a darker one (with some very dark veins) that is mostly on the front, and a lighter one that is mostly on the back, though it wraps around to the front on the right side (that's your right, looking at the front). Besides the holes, I carved some shallow spirals and such on the darker part, but just a few lines at the edge of the lighter/back part.

The left-hand picture was done by sitting the heart on my scanner with a fake-leather menu cover held up behind it on three corks for background. The right-hand picture was done by sitting the heart on my desk top and using the macro function of an Olympus C-730 Ultra Zoom digital camera; lighting is by my Luxo Lamp.
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Aug 8, 2008, 12:27:49 PM
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I like your woodworks! This heart is awesome and so cute. I don't know anybody who can do it like you!
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When I make things, I try to be as much myself as I can, as my friend Adrienne once advised me.
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Wow !! This is absolutely breathtaking! A wonderful piece ! and due to I work in wood myself (sculptural stuff), I really know how hard it is to give such tiny details! ...And I just love it, when people are's such a nice way to give the things a beautiful honour, isn't it?
I'm a little in love with the heard :blush: revisit by dxd ...(but isn't that the best thing one can be ;) ?
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Detail can be very powerful, but plain simplicity, if done exactly right, can be powerful, too. These are things I think about a lot, but when I'm working on something I mostly just follow my heart. Which is particularly appropriate here. :)
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Yes, that's true...also plain simplicity can be very powerful.
But when I see some very detailed work it is like beeing happy about that the maker is able to honour and take care for even the little things ((in life)).
... Unfortunately the most woodwork I submitted here so far is older stuff from the time when I made my wood-sculptor education... So these are works which mostly based on given themes...own design, but always given theme. So than it's for sure not that "free"'s not like just following the heart. But I think exactly that is needed to create the most beautiful works...   Well...but sometimes it's difficult to get rid of some trained habits  :wink by Gomotes
Wish you the best with your work !
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And I wish you the best with yours! :)
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if that was a real heart, some people would think that this heart contained heart worms. but this is different. very good work there! :D
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If it was a real heart, it would be very, very, very leaky. But it's metaph-auricle :D

And thank you. :)
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Oh my goodness I would wear something like this as a necklace. ;o; I caught your Daily Deviation and was going through your gallery, and all of your stuff is amazing, but your wood section stood out the most to me. And out of that, this heart caught my eye. The honeycombs and the designs on this whole thing are wonderful! -favs this x7438375-
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Thank you. :)

This one might not have a through hole for wearing it on a cord, though 99% of my small pieces do. I think this was baught as a gift for a teacher who liked heart-themed art.
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That is one lucky teacher. It's such a nice piece and I'll say it over and over. :3
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You sure have lots of experience in carving! If I were going to carve that honeycomb heart like yours, well expect more cuts on my hands, oh not to forget some scream too :XD: This really deserves a big thumbs up!!
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Yes, I've got lots of experience, and a number of old scars on my hands, but it's been much more fun than not. :)
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those scars prove that you are a skillful craftsman!!
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Well, I guess... Though at this point I tend to get new scars only from doing new things, or doing a lot of things. :D
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WoW, it looks little bit like cookie. Very impresive! (If I did some mistakes, soory, that is my bad English ^^';).
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Now that you mention it, I think it would make a great cookie design. But I don't bake. :)
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Amazing detail work! You made this into a truly gorgeous piece.
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