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Honeycomb Heart 2

Pendant of olive wood in the shape of a heart, with honeycomb hole pattern; the holes go into a common central chamber that was hollowed out through the holes. About 1-1/2 inches wide. Cord tunnel through top section, not visible from front. Hand-rubbed beeswax finish.

I like these and will be doing some more. They are all a bit different from each other.
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that's so pretty, i love it! i really like the wood you used and the honeycomb pattern.
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Olive wood tends to have that look, It's one of my favorite woods.
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It looks cool Don with the woodgrain showing!!Beutiful work!!
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Thank you. :)

Olive wood often has nice patterns of light and dark in the grain. One reason I like it (also it takes detail well and is non-toxic).
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You bet buddy!!Is olive wood hard to find?
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Well, I get small pieces when I run across them (I can ofter get small objects made from olive or teak or ebony relatively cheaply, particularly at garage sales or if they are broken). I've never seen a place that sells olive wood in quantity, and it tends to be pricey. Some cities have specialty lumber stores that carry exotic woods (in the Berkeley, California area, there's McBeath Hardwood). You should find a lot of on-line dealers if you do a Google Shopping search for:
olive wood lumber
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Thank you Don,I'll give that a try buddy!
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This is very charming, I love how simple and sweet it is.
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This is so lovely I Facebook'd it. Hope people swing around and order some more!
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Facebooked? How does that work?
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Put the link up on Facebook so people would come look.

Word of mouth is supposed to take over from search engines, soon.
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OK, but where on Facebook?

Since a (possibly _the_) major part of current search algorithms these days is links, every link helps. Mention an a major blog like BoingBoing helps a lot. Literal word of mouth helps a lot, especially combined with those others, but I don't see it taking over from search engines.
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I just posted the link on my wall at "Donna Barr." It's there someplace! Lessee.... [link]
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OK, I found it. Thank you. :)
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Pretty cool.

"Chaos is peace and peace is chaos. One can not exist with out the other"
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You should try making one of these with a Turquoise inlay running along the outside edge of the heart!
I liked the first one and the second one is just as good! Keep up the great work!
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Turquoise inlay would be nice, indeed. But outside my current skill range. But interesting thing may happen. :)
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